How to integrate SnapEngage with Hubspot

You can configure SnapEngage to send chat transcripts and offline requests directly to Hubspot.

Follow the steps below to configure your Hubspot integration. Or check out an overview of HubSpot live Chat integration.

Step 1: Set up Hubspot in SnapEngage

First, log into your SnapEngage Configurator. Click into the “Integrations” tab, then click on the Hubspot icon.


On the next screen, enter your Hubspot Portal Id.
You can find your Hubspot Portal Id here.


Next click on “Connect to my Hubspot Account”


You will see a pop-up window with Hubspot authentication, if you are not connected to Hubspot enter your credentials.

In the next screen, enable ‘Grant access’ and press ‘ok’.

Once access is allowed, if the connection is good you will see the word ‘Connected’ and your settings will be saved.


You can stop here or press on the ‘Advanced’ and you will see the next options.

Step 2: Optional Options

Custom Mappings

You can configure custom field mappings to populate data in your Hubspot system with details from SnapEngage.


In this example, you can see 5 different custom mappings to Hubspot Properties.

Mappings 1,2 – are simple text values to Lifecycle Stage Property in Hubspot. The first mapping will set Lifecycle stage as “subscriber” for offline messages. The second mappings will set Lifecycle stage as “lead” for Live chats.

Mappings 3,4,5 – are Javascript variable values that are mapped to Properties (First Name, Last Name and Company) in Hubspot.

How should SnapEngage Update your Hubspot Contact?

Select the method you prefer when updating Contact.


When should transcripts be sent?

Select when you would like chat transcripts sent to your destination.


Receive an additional copy by email?

Enter an email address and select whether you would like to receive off line request, live chat transcripts, or both.


Be sure to hit Save!