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(Last Updated On: July 31, 2020)

Info-Capture Chatbot Overview & Setup

The new SnapEngage Info-Capture Chatbot provides an easy way for B2B and B2C companies to capture website visitor information even when no human agents are online and available to chat. Businesses can rely on the Info-Capture Chatbot to supplement agent resources 24/7 during peak and off-hours, and ensure that critical visitor information (like email address) is recorded for timely support and sales follow-ups.

How does the Info-Capture Chatbot work?

When you enable the Info-Capture Chatbot, the bot will appear to website visitors just like another agent. When there are no agents online (such as during off-hours, overnight, etc), your SnapEngage widget will still appear in “online mode” to website visitors, and any incoming visitor chats will be routed directly to the Info-Capture Chatbot. When human agents are online but maxed/unavailable per standard agent routing rules and tiers, the Info-Capture Chatbot will take over to field incoming chats.

The Info-Capture Chatbot will capture visitor contact information required for proper follow-up, and after the chat, your sales and support representatives will be able to follow up appropriately. Before chatbots were available, website visitors had to submit offline requests when agents were unavailable. Chatbots provide an improved experience with real-time assistance.

This bot works completely out of the box for both proactive and reactive chat, and requires no special installation. Currently, the dialogue and tone of the Info-Capture chatbot can’t be customized. We will be releasing an FAQ Chatbot soon which will provide additional customization options.

Quick Tip: It’s important to keep in mind that chatbots are a very useful tool to supplement team/agent resources, but they should not be considered a full replacement for live chat agents. It’s best to staff your chat agent team with live agents that understand your business in-depth and incorporate chatbots to enhance existing resources.

How to set up the Info-Capture Chatbot

As an Administrator, you will need to sign in to the Admin Dashboard. From here, navigate to Settings -> Agent Settings. At the top of this page, above the list of agents, you will see the option to add an Info-Capture Bot:

You will then see the chatbot configuration window appear:

Here, you can turn the bot on or off (2). You can also update (3) or delete the photo which will appear on the visitor side when the chatbot answers a chat. Lastly, you can also set agent tags for the chatbot (4), which will work with our Routing by Tag feature (only available on Enterprise Plans).

It is important to consider the Priority Tier in which the chatbot will be set up. The Bot will automatically be moved to the highest tier above your other agents, to prevent the chatbot from receiving chats over a live agent. For example, if my agents are on Tier one, the Chatbot should be set up in Tier two.

When should Chatbots be used?

As mentioned above, Chatbots shouldn’t be used as a replacement for a live agent, but rather they should be used to facilitate the agents to work more efficiently. Here is a typical use-case:

If you type a vague response, the chat bot will recognize this and will prompt to provide more information:

As this is only an info-capture bot, the dialogue won’t be conversational, and the chat bot won’t respond to visitor questions, but rather capture them for follow up. This chatbot is a really useful tool to capture more insightful visitor queries when your agents are offline.

What about proactive chats?

For proactive chats, you can select a specific agent.

If you edit the proactive rule, click on Advanced settings, and under specific agent, you can choose whether you want the bot to send that message or a specific human.

We recommend you have at least 1 agent when you using a bot because, without any agents, proactive chats will not work.

If you are on an Enterprise plan, then we recommend you make the most of the Routing by tag feature to set up some human proactive chats, and robot proactive chats.

If you go to the human agents under Settings, and edit their profile, you can add a “human” tag, if you edit the bot, you can add a “robot” (5) tag.


Then go Proactive chat, edit the rules, and under view advanced settings, you can assign chats by Tags (6.1)  and choose to add a human tag or a robot tag (6.2). The messages can be configured, so that if they come from the Bot, it says Hey, I’m a robot, or whatever wording you would like to add.


Please note that adding a chatbot will take up one agent license on your account, and it is available on Professional and Enterprise plans. If you have any questions about this please come and chat with us.


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Published June 26, 2018