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(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

The GDPR approval bot allows you to ask visitors for consent before starting their chat, even on proactive chats. The visitor will no be able to start a chat, until they have confirmed they have read and understood the message. The configuration for this is done from the admin dashboard, under Agent settings –> Chat assignment.



You can turn the approval bot for 3 different locations :

  • The EU only – This will applies to countries on the European Union
  • EU and unknown locations – This will be all EU countries + all visitors we don’t have the location for
  • All locations – This would enable it from all visitors no matter where they come from

Then you can also edit the legal text or add your own. We recommend you check with your legal department, to see what information is needed here.

If the visitor types No, or doesn’t accept the terms, they will not be able to start a chat, and all their information including the initial message will be deleted. If the visitor types yes, then they will be able to start a chat, and the agent will also see this at the beginning of the chat.

This what it will look like for the visitor :


If the visitor doesn’t type Yes (or an answer matching to what you select on your menu), the prompt will show again :


And if the visitor types No (or whatever option you typed for No), then the chat will close and the data will be deleted


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Published November 8, 2018