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(Last Updated On: December 9, 2020)

Guide Bot is available on both SnapEngage Professional or Enterprise plans.

The bot can be used differently depending on which plan you have due to underlying features of the plan. The single major difference is that Enterprise plans support routing by tag.

One of the use cases of the Guide Bot is that it can route chats depending on a visitor’s answers to the prompt. For Professional plans, Guide Bot can route to another widget. For Enterprise plans, Guide Bot can route to another widget or a tag. Tags are an incredibly powerful routing mechanism, most useful for more complex teams or groups of teams.


The bottom line for Guide Bot is that you can use relatively simple Guide Bot configurations with either plan type. It will require a little more work and setup with a Professional plan. If you want to really dive into bot usage, and set up complex scenarios, with highly contextual or multi-step bots, then you will want to be on an Enterprise plan.

If you have further questions about Guide Bot, check out the Introduction, or chat with us.


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Published January 22, 2020