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(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)

***If your account was created in 2017, or if you have the Design Studio instead of the Style tab, then check these instructions instead***

In order to set up SnapEngage in a different language other than the one defined in the Admin Dashboard, you will need to use the code found under the ‘Advanced‘ section of the ‘Get the Code‘ tab.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use the .setLocale() Function, you must go to your “Style” tab, and under “Select your Language” you must choose “* Use .setLocale() API”



Next, you should add the following Javascript code below the  ‘// Place your SnapEngage JS API code below’ line:



(for German, for example)

You can see a list of available locales here:

For Azerbaijini, ‘az’

For Danish, ‘da’

For Czech, ‘cs’

For German, ‘de’

For English,’en’

For Estonian, ‘et’

For Spanish, ‘es’

For French, ‘fr’

For Greek, ‘el’

For Canadian French, ‘fr_CA’

For Icelandic, ‘is’

For it Italian, ‘it’

For Hungarian, ‘hu’

For Latvian, ‘lv’

For Lithuanian, ‘lt’

For Dutch, ‘nl’

For Norwegian, ‘nb’

For Norwegian, ‘nn’

For Polish, ‘pl’

For Portuguese, ‘pt’

For Russian, ‘ru’

For Romanian, ‘ro’

For Slovak, ‘sk’

For Finnish, ‘fi’

For Swedish, ‘sv’

For Turkish, ‘tr’

For Hebrew, ‘iw’

For Japanese, ‘ja’

For Korean, ‘ko’

For simplified Chinese, ‘zh’

For traditional Chinese, ‘zh_TW’

For Arabic, ‘ar’

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Published March 4, 2013

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