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(Last Updated On: March 24, 2021)

Upgrading To The Design Studio

SnapEngage’s  Design Studio gives you all the tools you need to fully customize your visitor-facing chat experience, including chat box templates, pre-chat/offline forms and online/offline chat buttons. If you signed up for SnapEngage prior to January 4, 2017, you will need to ‘opt-in’ to the new Design Studio on each of your widgets within your Admin Dashboard.

An important note if you have a legacy custom form across any of your widgets: Updating to the Design Studio will replace your existing custom form, which could result in loss of custom configurations. In order to avoid any interruptions, we have disabled the ‘opt-in’ function on all widgets currently using legacy custom forms. If you wish to migrate from a legacy custom form, please contact our support team via email ([email protected]) or chat.

How to identify widgets that are eligible to upgrade to the Design Studio

When you login to your Admin Dashboard, the active widget will default to the one most recently accessed, which may or may not contain a legacy custom form. To determine whether you have a legacy custom form, navigate to the Settings tab.

Widgets with legacy custom forms will display the old ‘Style’ tab. Widgets that are eligible for upgrade to the Design Studio will display a red ‘NEW’ label on the Style tab.

DesignStudio-optin copy

Enable the Design Studio

When you click on the new Style tab within an eligible widget, you will receive a banner that allows you to opt-in. Simply click the button to enable Design Studio, and you’re ready to go. (Repeat these steps for any other widgets you wish to enable.)

Design Studio opt-in

For more details on getting started, check out our Design Studio Setup Guide.

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Published February 21, 2017