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(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could chat with website visitors directly from your Zendesk account instead of constantly switching back and forth between tabs? Well Zendesk users, you’re in luck! We recently released our very own SnapEngage Chat Application, which allows agents to launch their SnapEngage Chat Portal directly within Zendesk.

Here’s how to get things up and running:

Step 1: Log into your Zendesk account

(Please note: you must be configured as an account Administrator within Zendesk to continue the setup process. You can enable role permissions for your team in Step 5.)

Step 2: Open your Admin settings within Zendesk

This will take you to the Zendesk Marketplace, where you can search for applications.


Step 4: Search for the “SnapEngage Chat App”


Click on the “SnapEngage Chat App” when it appears in the search results to the left.


Step 5: Install the application


On the second installation screen, no special credentials are needed. Click the “Install” button again to complete installation. In addition, you can enable and edit role restrictions as needed for the rest of your team. Click “Update” when finished.



Step 6: Click the Chat App icon

You’ll see that a new chat bubble icon has appeared on the left side of your Zendesk account. Clicking this icon launches the SnapEngage Chat Portal.


Step 7: Enter your SnapEngage agent credentials (almost there!)

Once you enter the correct email and password, click the orange “Sign In” button.

Step 8: You’re ready to chat with website visitors and fellow agents

You will use the SnapEngage Chat Portal within Zendesk as normal. Now, just set your status to “Available” and you’re ready to start accepting visitor chats!


Have any questions about the new SnapEngage Chat App for Zendesk? Please contact the SnapEngage Support Team via chat, email, or phone and we’ll lend a hand!

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Published January 14, 2015