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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2019)

Chat agents can use the co-browsing feature to redirect the visitors page while in a chat. To redirect them to a different URL the chat agent can use the /goto command. If your SnapEngage JavaScript is installed on the target page too, the current chat will stay open.

How to use the co-browsing feature:

You can use this command by either entering the whole URL like this:

\goto http://www.snapengage.com/live-chat-integrations/

Or if not you you can use a relative path of your domain:

\goto /features

An even faster way to redirect the visitor is by using shortcuts. You can define a rule in the Settings > Agent Settings > Shortcuts tab of the Admin Dashboard for example:


In this case, you just have to enter \goto in the chat, and redirect the visitor to the page you want him on.

Sample Cobrowse:

Here is an example of how a chat agent can use the co-browsing feature while in a chat:


After including the \goto command and the whole URL as seen in the example above to co-browse the visitor, the chat agent can then press enter. At this point the chat agent will see that their visitor is on the page they co-browsed them to with a system message in the Conversations Hub:


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Published January 11, 2012