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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

What is It?

With the Intelligent Pre-Chat you can let your clients find the answers they are looking for before starting a chat with you. Intelligent Pre-Chat is a feature that allows visitors to quickly get answers to FAQ’s by providing clients with a relevant list of support articles, FAQ’s, and blog entries in a matter of seconds. This allows visitors to be immediately directed to a list of possible solutions without having to leave the chat box.Thus, the Intelligent Pre-Chat not only cuts down on the time it takes for visitors to get answers, but also frees up available agents to focus on more complex sales and support issues that can’t be answered using this feature.

How Does it Work:

The feature works by integrating live chat with the knowledgebases already linked into the admin portal. Before Intelligent Pre-Chat many visitors were not aware of where to find the information available in knowledgebases so agents would search for them to locate and provide visitors with the right support link or answer. Intelligent Pre-Chat automatically searches through the knowledgebases it has access to and provides accurate support to visitor’s questions. This drastically reduces the time it takes for a visitor to find answers by producing a list in a matter of seconds.

 Online Example                                            Offline Example


Get Started

1.To enable the Intelligent Pre-Chat go to the admin portal under Settings > Integrations > Knowledgebases.

2.Click the “edit” button next to the knowledgebase you want to enable Intelligent Pre-Chat for.

intelligentprechat3.Next, check the box that says, “require your website visitors to do a search before starting a chat”

4.Don’t forget to click Save!intelligentprechat2

Intelligent Pre-Chat will now be able to pull information from the knowledgebases for which it was given access, but not for those it wasn’t. This allows the admins to pick and choose what knowledgebases it wants to give visitors access to.


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Published July 14, 2016