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(Last Updated On: December 18, 2020)

July 2020 Chatbot Launch: Client FAQ

Please review the below information to learn about important recent updates related to the July Chatbots Launch. On July 22, 2020 Guide Bot, Answer Bot and Chatbot API exited beta status, taking our powerful Chatbot offering to the next level. This launch also entailed pricing and packaging changes for existing Chatbot users (outlined in detail below).

Chatbot Capabilities and Improvements

1. What can I accomplish with the improved Guide Bot?

The improved, multi-step Guide Bot offers a flexible, conversational way to increase customer engagement and automate workflows.

  • Guide Bot users can chain together up to 100 logical steps to generate more visitor engagement with contextually appropriate messaging and guide customers to the right solution instantly.
  • Create complex dialog trees and deliver highly-personalized capabilities (i.e. dynamically inject content into Chatbot messages with JavaScript variables).
  • You can also use Guide Bot’s multi-step dialog to label incoming conversations. This reduces manual agent work and allows users to trigger automated workflows in integrated CRM or Help Desk systems.
  • Enterprise users can even use Guide Bot to dynamically route chats to the most appropriate agents who specialize in specific skills using Agent Tags.

2. What can I accomplish with Answer Bot?

Answer Bot offers a flexible way to immediately respond to 50% – 80% of customers’ routine questions while simultaneously decreasing overall resolution time.

  • To offer powerful self-service capabilities for your customers with Answer Bot, connect with any supported knowledge base (including WordPress, MindTouch, Zendesk, Salesforce, or Google Programmable Search).
  • Human chat interactions cost up to 10x more than Chatbot interactions. With Answer Bot, you can free up human agents to concentrate on the highest-value, most complex inquiries while reducing the cost of handling other routine inquiries.
  • Answer Bot scales your human agent team to offer 24/7/365 backup or frontline deflection services (the choice is yours).
  • Want to create even more personalized experiences for your customers? It’s easy to combine Answer Bot with Guide Bot and/or proactive chat to service highly specialized types of questions or scenarios.
  • Shortly after July 22, 2020, we’ll also launch additional enhancements to Answer Bot analytics to help users evaluate its performance to maintain optimal customer satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates!

3. What can I accomplish with the improved Chatbot API?

Chatbot API takes Chatbot flexibility one step further and enables clients to develop their own Chatbot solution (on any platform) and fully integrate it with SnapEngage. This is one of the most powerful ways to integrate custom Chatbot functionality into your overall digital customer engagement strategy.

  • The improved Chatbot API now supports unlimited concurrent chats and makes it possible to tightly integrate custom Chatbots into your back end systems.
  • We’ve also added the ability to display “cards” (like Answer Bot) for visitors to scroll through for an enhanced visitor UI.
  • Gather customer information, improve the qualification of leads and deflect “easy problems” from your live customer support team with Chatbot API.

Pricing and Packaging Changes

4. How did Guide Bot and Chatbot API pricing and packaging change?

Both of these Chatbots were previously paired with agent licenses and associated costs. That is – you previously used up one agent license for each Chatbot you had active.

On July 1, 2020 we disconnected Guide Bot and Chatbot API bots from agent licenses and paired them with a new, dedicated Chatbot license type for unified Chatbot management. This update did not impact Chatbot functionality in any way. 

On July 22, 2020 both of these bots exited beta status. Pricing is now $79 USD per bot per month (when paid annually).

Additional currency pricing is as follows:

€79 EUR, £69 GBP, R$450 BRL, $1950 MXN, $110 CAD, 550 DKK, $125 AUD, $130 NZD
(per bot per month; paid annually)  

5. What happened to my existing agent licenses that were previously used for Guide Bot and/or Chatbot API licenses?

The July 1, 2020 bot license packaging transition did not affect or reduce your existing agent license count. You will continue to have the same amount of agent licenses available on your plan and those agent licenses are now freed up to allocate to other human agents.

If you determine that these agent licenses are no longer needed, it’s also possible to downgrade agent licenses at any point and the reduced pricing will take effect on either your next monthly or annual payment date (depending on your payment terms). Please note that if you pay via credit card and downgrade, you will lose access to any downgraded agent licenses immediately. Upgrades and downgrades for bot licenses function just like agent licenses.

6. How did Answer Bot pricing change?

The beta version Answer Bot was previously paired with a new, dedicated bot license type for unified bot management. There was no additional charge for this bot during the beta period.

On July 22, 2020, Answer Bot exited beta status and launched as a priced bot option. Pricing is now $79 USD per bot per month (when paid annually).

Additional currency pricing is as follows:

€79 EUR, £69 GBP, R$450 BRL, $1950 MXN, $110 CAD, 550 DKK, $125 AUD, $130 NZD
(per bot per month; paid annually) 

7. Are all these bot licenses interchangeable?

Yes! The bot licenses for Guide Bot, Answer Bot and Chatbot API are fully interchangeable with the other bot types. These bots now share a simple, unified pricing and clients can mix-and-match any of these bots for the same price.

Example: A client purchases 2 bot licenses (1 for Answer Bot and 1 for Guide Bot). They delete the Guide Bot and decide to add a Chatbot API license in its place. The pricing will not change unless a 3rd bot license is added.

8. When exactly did these pricing changes take effect and how is my bot pricing determined?

The new pricing for Answer Bot, Guide Bot, and Chatbot API went into effect on July 22, 2020.

Bot pricing applies to the total bot licenses purchased for your account as defined by the bot license slider indicator in your My Account page (which indicates the total number of bot licenses purchased and available to use). These licenses function just like agent licenses (i.e. you pay for the total number of licenses purchased).

Note for invoiced clients: If you normally pay via invoice, please contact our team to upgrade/downgrade bot licenses for you (just as you would for agent or other account subscription changes). Invoice clients are unable to make these changes directly in the Subscription page.

All users had ample time to test bots and evaluate business bot needs prior to the launch date and onset of new bot pricing.

9. What if I decide I do not want to use some or all of my paid bot(s) license(s) now that the beta period has ended? 

If you determine that you would prefer not to continue using some or all of your existing bot licenses, please disable any bots you do not want (or fully delete them) AND set your bot slider in My Account settings to the intended count (i.e. to 0 or other intended total bot license count). Otherwise, you will be charged associated fees for your total purchased bot licenses.

If you pay via invoice, please start a chat with our team or email us ([email protected]) and we’ll be happy to adjust your total bot license count as needed on your behalf.

10. Where can I adjust my total bot licenses and how can I purchase new ones?

Before you enable additional bots in Agent Settings, you need to ensure that you’ve purchased an adequate number of bot licenses for your account. Bot licenses function just like agent licenses in terms of upgrades and downgrades.

Clients who pay via credit card/PayPal/ACH: You can purchase and adjust your total bot licenses count within the Admin Dashboard under My Account > Subscription using the bot license slider tool.

Clients who pay via invoice: If you currently pay via invoice, please contact our team directly to upgrade or downgrade bot licenses (just as you would for agent or other account subscription changes). Invoice clients are unable to make these changes directly in the Subscription page. If you attempt to make any changes to your bot slider in the Subscription page, a proactive chat will initiate prompting you to chat with our team.

11. How can I tell which bots are enabled and which bots are disabled in my account? Does enabled vs. disabled bot status impact pricing?

You can enable/disable each bot within the Admin Dashboard under Settings > Agent Settings > Chat Agents. In the bot settings screen for each individual bot, use the available toggle to enable/disable bots at any time.

We have launched an additional text-based status indicator next to each bot which displays directly in the all agent/bot list view table. This makes it even easier to see at a glance which bots are currently enabled and disabled on each widget.

All bot-related fees are based on the number of total bot licenses purchased for your account (indicated by your Subscription page). If the number of bots you would like to enable exceeds your current purchased bot license total, you will first need to purchase additional bot license(s) prior to enabling new bot(s). If you have any configured bot(s) which are currently set to disabled status, your bot pricing is still determined by the total bot licenses purchased for your account (i.e. if you have purchased 3 total bot licenses but only 2 of these bots are currently set to ‘enabled’ status, you will still be charged for 3 total bot licenses).

12. Can I configure new bots prior to purchasing associated bot licenses?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to configure as many bots as you would like and keep them in disabled status mode until you need to enable them. This makes it easy to prepare for upcoming launches and campaigns, workflow changes, and more all in advance. All bot configurations and settings will remain saved in your account. You’ll only be asked to pay for the additional bot licenses when you’re ready to “go live” by enabling the new bots.

13. What about Info-Capture Bot? Was this bot included in the July Bots Launch?

For the foreseeable future, the Info-Capture Bot will remain in beta status and therefore it was not included in the July 22nd Bots Launch. It continues to be paired with the agent license type and priced as such. We recognize that the current capabilities of the beta Info-Capture Bot are not yet up to the same advanced level as the rest of our improved bot suite (example: the dialogs are not editable), and we’ll be taking time to enhance this bot further prior to ending beta status.

On this note, we do have exciting upcoming plans for future improvements and advancements to the Info-Capture Bot. We’ll keep clients updated about future plans here. Stay tuned!

Contact Our Team

14. I have questions, concerns or feedback about the recent July Bots Launch and/or associated bots pricing changes. What should I do?

This launch entailed some big, exciting changes to your SnapEngage account and our team is ready to connect with you! Please reach out to our Support team via email ([email protected]). You may also start a chat on our website anytime Monday-Friday 3AM-7PM EST. 

If you have a dedicated Client Success Manager working with your account, please reach out directly to your CSM and they will be happy to assist you further.

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Published June 29, 2020