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(Last Updated On: March 6, 2020)

The Enterprise plan comes with all features on the Professional plan with the following additional features:

Routing by tag

Routing by tag allows you to customize the routing of chats, to direct them to agents based on skills, languages, or whatever tags you set.


You can add different bots, such as the Guide Bot, to ask visitors questions, and direct them to different widgets depending on their choice.  The Chat Bot API, to create your own bot with the help of your developers, Answer Bot is perfect to allow visitors  to ask questions and look for answers in your knowledge base before starting a chat with a human (coming soon).


Labels is a really powerful feature to allow your agents to categorize conversations sent to your CRM, Help Desk integration or in your CSV logs exports.

Agent sub-status and reports

Add agent sub-statuses, so your agents can indicate whether they are on a lunch break, in a meeting, on the phone, or any other status you may want to set, and report of them!

White label the chat

Remove the SnapEngage logo from your chat box design.


With auto-translate, your agents can speak over 100 languages without the learning curve with our real-time translation.

Cobrowse (beta)

Test the new Beta version of the Cobrowse, where your agents will be able to see the visitors’ screen!

Microsoft Dynamics on Premise

Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics on Premise to send all the information from the chat including custom mapping.

Add Sub-administrators

On this plan, you can buy additional admin licenses, where you can assign pre-defined roles with some or all access to different people, or create custom roles, where you decide what each person can see.


The Salesforce integration is a great one, and it allows for custom mapping as well as different workflows.

Single Sign (SSO)

Allow the login of all your employees via Single Sign-on

Additional Security settings

Tweak the security settings further to match your company’s policies

Audit logs

Check the audit logs for any changes made on your system.

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Published March 2, 2020