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(Last Updated On: July 27, 2021)

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This article goes over what a SnapEngage charge is, how to cancel, if you can be on invoice.


It is a monthly charge for your SnapEngage live chat subscription

Who is SnapEngage? We are a small software company based in Boulder, CO that makes live chat software. We’ve been in business since 2008. You can learn more about SnapEngage on our home page and about us page. You can also chat with us or email us at [email protected]

Why are you charging my credit card? SnapEngage charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee that gets you access to our live chat solution. Either you or someone in your office signed up for SnapEngage. If SnapEngage doesn’t ring a bell, you may want to check around the office. The SnapEngage service is probably also installed on one of your websites.

Can I cancel my account? Absolutely. You can cancel your SnapEngage subscription at any time. Simply sign in your account and send a cancelation request from the My Account page. If you don’t know what email address was used to subscribe for SnapEngage please come chat with us or give us a call at 303-647-9222 and we will help you find out who signed up for the service. Once you’ve canceled, you won’t be charged again.

Can I get an invoice for the charges? Yes, all SnapEngage invoices for your account can be found in your Billing History menu. From here you can see and print invoices for those charges.

Any other questions? Please come chat with us, give us a call, or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

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Published October 29, 2018