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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2018)

Although it will not happen often, it is possible that you will receive a new chat despite having set your status to “paused”. That does not mean that your chat portal is broken or that you are not really paused. Keep in mind this would not happen if you were using the Design Studio for your chatbox

You may, indeed, receive a proactive chat soon after you have paused yourself in the chat portal.

Imagine yourself being online and available in your chat portal. Proactive chat messages assigned to you are being sent out to your web-visitors. Some of them will reply instantly, some will close the chat window but some might leave the chat window open and keep surfing around. The chat window will remain open for approximately two minutes before it disappears.


In the meantime, and while your web-visitor’s chat window is still open, you pause yourself in the chat portal. It is then that they decide to respond to your proactive chat message and this chat will still appear in your chat portal since it does remain assigned to you.

This is the expected and desired behavior securing a consistent chat experience for your clients since they will end up chatting with the agent who first and pro-actively sent them a message inviting them to chat together.


To avoid receiving such chats while you are paused and possibly not monitoring your chat portal, we suggest that you pause 2-3 minutes before you leave your desk. Your other alternative would be to sign out from the chat portal. In this case, the chat will be assigned to another available agent. In any case, the agent reassignment will assist your team from missing chats overall and leaving them not responded.

Note: Paused agents can also receive transferred chats from other agents.

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Published July 8, 2015