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The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of how to use the HubSpot Timeline Integration for Salesforce Users.

The SnapEngage-HubSpot integration allows you to automatically send live chat event data to a contact’s timeline within HubSpot. For HubSpot users who have a secondary integration from HubSpot to Salesforce, please follow these steps to ensure the correct mappings of your live chat event data from HubSpot to Salesforce.


Configure your SnapEngage-HubSpot integration using our Setup Guide.


Configure your HubSpot-Salesforce integration to send live chat data. (Note: These settings must first be ‘turned on’ by HubSpot while still in beta mode.) 

  1. Navigate to your Salesforce integration Settings in HubSpot. sf 1
  2. Click on Engagement Type Mappings.sf 2
  3. Select your preferred mapping type. Note: this is currently a global setting for all HubSpot partner integrations. You can further customize your field mapping settings within your Salesforce account.sf 3


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Published March 8, 2017