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How to: Use Labels

Labels is a really powerful new feature to allow your agents to categorize conversations sent to your CRM, Help Desk integration or in your CSV logs exports. In this article, you will find some of the common uses for labels, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your labels.

The new Labels UI for


Make the most of Team Chat

If you’re using the SnapEngage Web Client, making good use of the Team Chat feature could significantly improve you and/or your team’s performance.

(And if you’re not using the Web Client, now is a great time to give it a try!)

What follows is a list of features, and tips on how to make them work for you. …


How to become a Superstar Agent

1. Start!

You are receiving this article because you have been recognized as someone of extraordinary character, a person destined for great things. You are a special agent equipped with the power to enable awesome, but 1st a little training.

If you will be using the Chat Portal check your email with information on how to create your password and …


Advantages of using the Chat Portal over Google Talk

The Chat Portal is our very own native Chat System. It doesn’t require any third party installations, any downloads or any other complicated integrations. All you have to do is have your admin choose the SnapEngage Chat Portal in your agent profile and as soon as they hit save – BOOM – you get an email with a link to …


Useful Chat Commands

The following is a list of useful commands to use with SnapEngage. In the Chat Portal  or the Conversation HUB, you have buttons available for those options.

 Use while chatting with your website visitors:

\email – The agent can enter the visitor’s email address so that it is saved. For example, if an agent enters \email=support@snapengage.com during a chat, …


SnapEngage Chat Portal – Transfer, Ban and Bye buttons

Transferring a chat

To transfer a chat to a team member, click on the Transfer button at the top right of the Chat Portal and the transfer screen will display:

Legacy Chat Portal view

You can then select an agent whom you wish to transfer the chat to by clicking on the arrow icon to the right of their name. …


LiveChat Co-browsing

Chat agents can use the co-browsing feature to redirect the visitors page while in a chat. To redirect them to a different URL the chat agent can use the /goto command. If your SnapEngage JavaScript is installed on the target page too, the current chat will stay open.

How to use the co-browsing feature:

You can use this command by …


Social Discovery

We can pull information about your visitors from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Klout and many other potential profiles.

Social Discovery

If a visitor provides their email, we can collect additional social data which can be displayed for the agent. With SnapEngage whenever someone provides you their email we now can pull all those contact details right into the chat so …


What Cookies does SnapEngage set on the visitors computer?

This is a list of cookies set by SnapEngage – all these cookies are set by JavaScript:

  • SnapABugRef, ttl=120min, tracking of origin and site entry
  • SnapABugChatSession, ttl=16min, tracking of chat in progress
  • SnapABugNoProactiveChat, ttl=30min (but to be configurable), flag to avoid proactively prompting visitors again
  • SnapABugChatPoll, ttl=16min, tracking of the chat in progress transcript position
  • SnapABugChatMessage, ttl=16min, message type by

How to use Google Talk with Adium on Mac

** Gtalk is no longer supported for new customers, as Google is removing their support of the API by Fall 2017. Gtalk will not be supported for any customers by Fall 2017 **

We strongly recommend our clients to use our Chat Portal in order to receive and handle chats.

If, however, for some reason you don’t want to use …


GoogleTalk with IM+

** Gtalk is no longer supported for new customers, as Google is removing their support of the API by Fall 2017. Gtalk will not be supported for any customers by Fall 2017 **

To chat from your mobile using GoogleTalk, you can use apps such as IM+

To use IM+ you can follow these steps:

1. Download the IM+ app …


Transfer Reports

If you have enabled transferring of chats between agents, you can track who is transferring, how frequently, which chats, etc. using the Transfer Reports in the Analytics section of your Admin Dashboard. Just go to  “Agent Performance” > “Transfers”.


This report will tell you all you need to know about the trajectory of chats;  which agent transferred to which widget, …


Configuring and Using Secure Data Transfer

SnapEngage’s Secure Data Transfer feature allows your agents to safely collect confidential information from your visitors right in the chat window. This feature keeps your business compliant with the latest data security requirements and provides peace-of-mind for your visitors.

This feature is only available on Plus (and higher) Plans.

Admin Dashboard Configuration

To activate the Secure Data Transfer feature, login …


Configuring and Using File Exchange

SnapEngage makes is easy to exchange files during a visitor chat. With just a click of a button your agents and website visitors will be able to upload and download files directly with one another without having to resort to using email or another service.

Admin Dashboard Configuration

To activate the File Exchange feature sign into to your SnapEngage account …


How to add or remove an agent

What are agents?

Agents are what we call the people who will be using SnapEngage chat to help your customers with their questions. They are the front line of customer service, so you want to set them up as best as you can!

Here we will go into detail on what settings you will be able to add to their …