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Disable the tab throttling in Chrome

You may have noticed that the version 57 of Google Chrome brought some changes with it. Long story short, if you are not a certain tab, Chrome may put it to sleep to use less resources, which in principle is a nice concept, but this may interfere with the time it takes for you to get notifications. In order to …


How to: Set Up the Pre-Chat Form

The Pre-Chat Form



Tired of seeing leads come in with no email address or name attached? Want to ask the visitor what company they are from or if they agree to your terms and conditions? The Pre-Chat Form allows you to ask the visitor a series of questions prior to a live chat.

With the introduction of our


Capacity Report

The Capacity Report

You may have noticed a recent addition to your SnapEngage Analytics tab, which is our new Capacity report tab. This new feature allows admins to gain insight on those peak times when visitors chatting in have caused agents taking chats to be maxed or near maxed on the total number of chats they can take at once. …


Fields mapped to HubSpot by default

The HubSpot integration updates a HubSpot Contact with two pieces of information by default: name and email.  We also send a copy of the transcript and the transcript URL to the Contact timeline. There are a few other JavaScript variables that are hard-coded on our backend but not sent over to your HubSpot unless you setup custom mapping. Those are …


How to integrate SnapEngage with Microsoft Dynamics CRM online

SnapEngage will automatically notify you when your website visitors contact you. You can either receive offline requests and chat transcripts by email or directly in your preferred Help Desk, CRM or Bug Tracker.

If you would like to receive transcripts and messages in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 (online), then follow the steps below.

If you would like to receive transcripts


How to: Use the Design Studio

An important note if you have a legacy custom form across any of your widgets: Updating to the Design Studio will replace your existing custom form. Before activating the Design Studio, we recommend reviewing your custom form setting so you don’t lose any important information or functionality.   

Here at SnapEngage we are incredibly excited about this new tool. You may …


How to clear the cache on your browser

Occasionally, you may be requested to clear the cache on your browser. In order to improve speed on your navigation, your browser will remember certain information from websites you visit often. The browser cache is a temporary storage location on your computer for files downloaded by your browser to display websites. Sometimes they may show old information, and this may …


Free Trial Information

The free trial is a great way to try out the Snap Engage chat software. The free trial defaults to the Plus plan features with unlimited agents (secure data transfer, priority tiers, Salesforce integration and much more) and will last for 15 days. The trial will also allow you to test the Premier feature of “Routing by tag configuration” as …


How to automatically launch the chat portal at startup of your computer

Like other applications and websites, you can configure your device to also automatically start the Chat Portal.

Although chatting is fun and it easily becomes a habit to start and log in your Chat Portal, having it start automatically will make sure that you do not forget to become available for your web-visitors who will be looking to chat with …


How to know who ended the chat

We have recently added a new piece of information on the chat transcript. You are now able to see who ended the chat. Whether is was the agent, visitor,or if it was an idle time-out.

Simply head over to the Logs section in the admin dashboard and click on the blue Chat link to view the chat transcript.

admin 1

Towards the …


Security, Frequently Asked Questions

What is your privacy policy?

You can read our full privacy policy here: http://www.snapengage.com/privacy

Does your solution perform validation of input and output to ensure that it is correct and appropriate to mitigate risks of cross-site scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflow, etc?

Yes, In developing SnapEngage we applied security best practices. We are filtering sensitive fields for XSS injection, not …


Is there a status page for SnapEngage?

Yes there is! Our status page is the go-to page if you are experiencing issues with SnapEngage. If we are having any technical issues affecting the services, these will be shown here, so make sure you bookmark it! Here, you can also get a monthly overview of the SnapEngage Uptime.

What does Uptime mean, you say? Well, that’s basically the …


Localizing your Custom Design

Our new customization tool, the long awaited Design Studio about which you can read here, has arrived. It is a powerful tool that will allow you to be as artistic as you may and make your chat box and pre-chat / offline forms best suit your website.

It is a newly released tool however and as we are still …


Mobile App Setup Guide

***Update May 2017 – We have removed the SnapEngage mobile app from both the Apple and Android App stores. If you have the app already installed on your mobile device, then please proceed with these instructions. Please note that the current mobile app has many known issues and we recommend you use the web app on a desktop computer.  If


Generating, Changing or Deleting Your SnapEngage API Token

You now have the ability to manage your own API token for SnapEngage. The first step in doing so is making sure you actually need an API token to accomplish your goal. You do NOT need a token to work with the SnapEngage Javascript API or POST API.

Additionally, the Provisioning and Get Chat APIs will still need their own …


Integrating AdWords with SnapEngage

AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service for businesses wanting to display ads on Google’s advertising network. The AdWords service enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords. You can read more about AdWords here.

If you have set up some AdWords campaigns, …


Using File Exchange. What to consider!

securityIf you want to read about how to configure the “File Exchange” feature, you can do so by clicking here.

A few things to keep in mind when you use “File Exchange” are that:

  • File Exchange is only available via the Chat Portal and not for agents set up with Google Talk accounts.
  • The maximum file upload size is

SSO via SAML 2.0 and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Server (ADFS) with SnapEngage

SSO via SAML 2.0 and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Server (ADFS) with SnapEngage

With the SingleSignOn (SSO) feature, it is now possible to login into SnapEngage using a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) identity provider, rather than logging into SnapEngage with a username/password from our sign-in page. The SAML/SSO feature is available for Premier customers.

In a nutshell, SAML is …


New & Updated Analytics

We recently improved and updated our analytics. You may have noticed the new Visitor Experience section which includes visitor wait time and queue time. In this article, I will go over what these new stats will tell you and how we have improved Agent Performance stats.

Wait Time

Visitor wait time represents the amount of time a visitor waits after …


How to: Read chat transcripts

How to: Read chat transcripts

Chat transcripts (also known as chat logs) are a powerful tool which, if analyzed correctly, can help your chat agents be more efficient. This in turn provides a better visitor experience, which is why we do what we do! From an agent’s perspective, they can be helpful as a point of reference for previous chats …


Change chat systems: G-Talk to the Chat Portal

If you are wondering how to switch an agent from G-Talk to the SnapEngage chat portal, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a step by step guide on how to do this. Keep in mind, this must be done by an admin in the dashboard and below are some key dates to note.

  • June 26, 2017

SMS Live Chat: Customer Support via Text Message

*Agents cannot send files/pictures to the visitor at this time*SMS Live Chat allows your visitors to reach you by sending a text message from any mobile device. Those SMS messages will then appear in the chat portal for your agents to reply, sending an SMS right back to your visitor’s handheld device.

SMS is one of the various C


Finding your Highrise API token

Your authentication token (or API token) is a special code that allows services outside of Highrise to connect to your account with your permission.


Your Highrise authentication token can be found as follows :

  • Login to your Highrise account using your personal URL (http://your-account.highrisehw.com).
  • Click on the “My info” link on the top right-hand. You’ll be presented with your

How to view chat transcripts

To view a chat transcript prior to the end of the conversation:

1. Log into your admin panel.
2. Select the Dashboard tab and choose between the Single and Multi Monitor. The Single Monitor will display the chat activity of the current widget while with the Multi Monitor you can see the activity on more widgets. In both cases …


Getting Started – FAQ and Troubleshooting

This article will help you go over some of the frequently asked questions and issues some people might miss. We try to keep everything very simple and user friendly, but we understand some of the process is a bit more complicated!

We will try to address as many questions as possible in this article, but in case you don’t find …


Analytics FAQ

We’re very proud of our new Analytics system, we have been hard at work on this all-new feature for several months.

We know that actionable data is vital for improving both your business and your customers’ experience, which is why we’re proud to bring you our better, faster, stronger, more accurate, and completely new Analytics system! (Also prettier.)

How do


Intelligent Pre-Chat

What is It?

With the Intelligent Pre-Chat you can let your clients find the answers they are looking for before starting a chat with you. Intelligent Pre-Chat is a feature that allows visitors to quickly get answers to FAQ’s by providing clients with a relevant list of support articles, FAQ’s, and blog entries in a matter of seconds. This allows …


Troubleshooting Chat Window Spacebar Issues

This article will attempt to address issues involving not being able to use the spacebar in a chat window as seen below.



If you are in a chat and notice that the spacebar is non responsive, it could be due to a Javascript conflict. We have had some reports from SnapEngage users who use the Galleriffic 2.0 library experiencing …


How to: Shortcuts

Here are the shortcut rules:

1. Only the admin can add or delete a shortcut.
2. Each message can be up to 450 characters. (If you want more information you can split the message between two canned responses.)
3. There is no limit to the number of shortcuts that can be added.

Here is how to add a shortcut:

1. …


What is the Solo Plan?

**The Solo plan will be discontinued starting Nov 1, 2017. If you are currently on a Solo plan, you will not be affected by this change and your account will remain as a Solo plan.**

Going Solo

The SnapEngage Solo Plan is perfect for small businesses or independent artists. In this article you’re going to find out more about what …


Post Chat Survey

The Agent Survey feature allows your website visitors to provide feedback at the end of each chat. That feedback is then made available to agents via the Chat Portal and to admins via the Survey report in the Agent Performance analytics.

Troubleshooting Tip: If you have enabled this feature inside your Admin Dashboard, yet your visitors aren’t seeing the


Weekly Stats

The weekly stats email is a great way to get a snapshot of your agent’s performance from the previous week. You can configure who gets the email and more by heading over to the Admin Dashboard > Settings > Options and scroll down to “Weekly Stats Email”. Below is what is included in the weekly email.

Release notes

Online and


Style Guide

*”These options are for legacy users only.*


In the Style tab of the Admin Dashboard, you are able to alter the appearance of your Live Chat, including language selection, chat box style, floating button selection (or choose to not have one), dynamic inline buttons, and other functionality choices as well.…


Adding your visitors in GTalk

** Gtalk is no longer supported for new customers, as Google is removing their support of the API by Fall 2017. Gtalk will not be supported for any customers by Fall 2017 **

Once you have configured Google Talk as the “System” of your agent in the “Agents” tab of your configurator and clicked the “Save” button, the …