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My SnapEngage events are not being tracked in Google Analytics

Check your website to see if the Google Analytics events and SnapEngage code have been added correctly. Be sure that the Google Analytics Global Tracking Code is added directly below the SnapEngage code.

Are you using the same version of Google Analytics across both the Global Site Tracking Code and …


SnapEngage Best Practices Agent and Admin

This doc is to outline some of the best practices when using SnapEngage on both the agent and admin side.


1. Tone/Voice

  • The tone and voice of the agent(s) is very important and can make the customer experience a great or not so great one. You are the voice for your company so what kind of voice do you

How to: Delete a Widget

Deleting widgets is simple. In order to ensure you don’t accidentally delete a widget, you will need to chat with our team. One of the SnapEngage team members will need to manually delete the widget. But first, you will need to do the following:

Rename the widget as DELETEME

For our team to have the ability to the delete the …


How to know who ended the chat

We have recently added a new piece of information on the chat transcript. You are now able to see who ended the chat. Whether it was the agent, visitor, or if it was an idle time-out.

Simply head over to the Logs section in the admin dashboard and click on the blue Chat link (1) to view the chat transcript.…


Security, Frequently Asked Questions

What is your privacy policy?

You can read our full privacy policy here: http://www.snapengage.com/privacy

Does your solution perform validation of input and output to ensure that it is correct and appropriate to mitigate risks of cross-site scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflow, etc?

Yes, In developing SnapEngage we applied security best practices. We are filtering sensitive fields for XSS injection, not …


How to view chat transcripts

How to view a chat transcript while the conversation is ongoing

1. Log into your admin panel.
2. Select the Dashboard tab and choose between the Single and Multi Monitor. The Single Monitor will display the chat activity of the current widget while with the Multi Monitor you can see the activity on more widgets. In both cases you …


Getting Started – FAQ and Troubleshooting

This article will help you go over some of the frequently asked questions and issues some people might miss. We try to keep everything very simple and user friendly, but we understand some of the process is a bit more complicated!

We will try to address as many questions as possible in this article, but in case you don’t find …


Analytics FAQ

SnapEngage has an Analytics suite which allows supervisors and administrators to monitor the performance of agents, as well as chats.

We know that actionable data is vital for improving both your business and your customers’ experience, which is why we’re constantly working on improving our Analytics system, to give you better, faster, stronger and more accurate reports! (Also prettier.)