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Approval Checker

The Approval Checker allows you to ask visitors for consent before starting their chat, even on proactive chats. The visitor will no be able to start a chat, until they have confirmed they have read and understood the message. The configuration for this is done from the admin dashboard, under Agent settings –> Chat assignment.



You can …


SnapEngage Best Practices Agent and Admin

This doc is to outline some of the best practices when using SnapEngage on both the agent and admin side.


1. Tone/Voice

  • The tone and voice of the agent(s) is very important and can make the customer experience a great or not so great one. You are the voice for your company so what kind of voice do you

How to: Set Agent Sub-statuses

The sub-status feature is available on Enterprise plans, please come and chat with one of our team members if you’d like to hear more or upgrade at snapengage.com

SnapEngage account owners have the ability to add sub-statuses for their agents. These provide details of the tasks that agents are working on, which then makes it easier for admins to run …


Getting Started – Part 2: Settings

Our Live Chat is highly configurable, and we know there are a lot of settings back there!

This document should be viewed as a kind of index. Here, you can find links to guides that will take you through each tab of the Admin Dashboard one at a time.

Agent Settings

“Agents” are the people who will chat with your …


Getting Started – FAQ and Troubleshooting

This article will help you go over some of the frequently asked questions and issues some people might miss. We try to keep everything very simple and user friendly, but we understand some of the process is a bit more complicated!

We will try to address as many questions as possible in this article, but in case you don’t find …


How to become a Superstar Agent

1. Start!

You are receiving this article because you have been recognized as someone of extraordinary character, a person destined for great things. You are a special agent equipped with the power to enable awesome, but 1st a little training.

Before starting to use Conversations Hub check your email with information on how to create your password and get logged …


Test SnapEngage on your site before going live

About this Article-

This article goes over how to test SnapEngage on your site before going live.


There is a good chance you want to do some testing with SnapEngage before you make your Live Chat public, that is: before you go live with Live Chat. Here’s a quick guide to help you slip SnapEngage into your site like …


How to add or remove an agent

What are agents?

Agents are what we call the people who will be using SnapEngage chat to help your customers with their questions. They are the front line of customer service, so you want to set them up as best as you can!

Here we will go into detail on what settings you will be able to add to their …


How to: use Shortcuts

Chat shortcuts allow you to configure an unlimited set of “pre-canned” responses that agents can use to quickly reply to frequently asked questions. This means faster, more standardized responses and happier customers! Agents can use commands (or pick from a menu) to ask visitors for more information, or provide detailed answers. It’s also a great way for new agents to …


How to set up the Options tab

About This Article

The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the options and capabilities in the Options tab in SnapEngage Admin. These features allow you a high degree of customization of you SnapEngage platform. To begin, log into your Admin Dashboard. Click Settings on the left hand navigation bar, then click the Options tab.…


Make the most of Team Chat

When you are using the SnapEngage HUB, making good use of the Team Chat feature could significantly improve you and/or your team’s performance.

(And if you’re not using the SnapEngage HUB, now is a great time to give it a try!)

What follows is a list of features, and tips on how to make them work for you.

Step 1:


Useful Chat Commands

The following is a list of useful commands to use with SnapEngage. In the Conversation HUB, you have buttons available for those options.

 Use while chatting with your website visitors:

\email – The agent can enter the visitor’s email address so that it is saved. For example, if an agent enters \[email protected] during a chat, this is the email …


The “Call Me” Feature

The Call-me feature allows your visitors to talk directly to your agent either by phone, headset, or mic and speakers. Unlimited incoming calls are allowed and the feature is available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

When a visitor clicks the Call Me button they will have the option to call by computer or by phone. Your agent will see that …


Configure Messages

Configure Messages

You can now customize most visitor-facing messages. This can be done in the Admin Dashboard. Go to your Design Studio (or Style) tab, and then to Configure Messages.


What you see on the left are the actions triggering the messages starting with each section of the system (Inteligent pre-chat, Agent survey etc… which indicates where the …


Adding a Live Chat / Call Me Schedule for your Agents

SnapEngage allows you set an online/offline schedule for your agents. Every widget can have it’s own schedule, supporting different teams with different hours of operation. During hours of operation, the widget will be in “online mode” (if agents are available) and outside hours of operation the widget will be in “offline mode”. How the widget appears on your site in …


Proactive Chat URL Rules

This guide will explain the different ways to configure your Proactive Chat v2 using our URL rules.  We have three types of URL rules:
  • contains“/”does not contain” – our basic rule which will work for most users in most cases
  • begins with“/”ends with” – our moderate level rule which requires some extra

How to test if Proactive Chat is working

If your Proactive Chat doesn’t seem to be working, this guide will help you diagnose and understand the issue. This doc covers the most common pitfalls and points of confusion when Proactive Chat isn’t working.

As it will also be mentioned right below, when you test Proactive Chat, it is best that you use a Google Chrome “Incognito” window, a …


Add Live Chat code to your WordPress page

If you prefer to install SnapEngage by using a plugin please have a look  here.

1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Editor.


2. Edit the footer.php template file in your WordPress Theme.

Note: In certain versions of WordPress the footer has been renamed.


3. Scroll to the bottom of the file and paste the