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We have so many useful features that you may have missed a few! We want to make sure you’re getting every ounce of value out of our Live Chat, so here are some of our best features you may not be using (yet!).

Automation Features

Guide Bot

The Guide Bot is an easy way to create complex routing flows to direct visitors to specific widgets and agents while displaying information. Using our Multi-Step system, you can create a tree of questions and ensure visitors are routed to the best-suited place. You can also qualify leads by asking questions and directing them to the right person or team. Guide Bots can request email addresses, phone numbers, and additional text input enabling a significant amount of data to be captured with ease. The Guide Bot is used to organically converse with the visitor, offering a better user experience. For an example of how to set the Guide Bot , check out here.

Answer Bot

An Answer Bot is a bot that allows visitors to ask questions, and then suggests articles from your knowledge base based on search terms. It can answer your customers’ routine and highly specialized questions quickly, relieve demand on your agents (keeping them free to answer the most difficult questions) and provide a backup when agents are busy or offline.

*Chatbots are available on Professional and Enterprise plans. Learn more here.

Reserve tier

The Reserve Tier augments the SnapEngage priority tier routing system. It enables more flexible and powerful bot strategies, particularly when using multiple chatbots. Without the Reserve Tier, it is more complicated and time-consuming to configure chatbots that are not part of the standard chat routing. The Reserve Tier makes it possible to combine many specialized chatbots in a single widget, and use them as part of proactive or multi-function bot strategies, and greatly simplifies the overall implementation.

It’s also possible to add specialized human agents to the Reserve Tier (such as a team supervisor) whom you do not want to include in standard chat routing. In short: The Reserve Tier supports faster, more powerful and more intuitive chat routing configurations (for both bots and humans) to enable the automation and customization needs of complex organizations. More details here.

Proactive Chat

Let our system send automated chat invitations to your visitors on behalf of your online agents.

This is probably the single most powerful engagement tool in the SnapEngage bag of tricks. The agent will be notified immediately if the visitor responds! This is a 100% friction-less entry point to chat for your visitors. This lets your agents focus on those visitors who want to chat — oh, and the system won’t feel sad or dejected when your visitors don’t answer!

Create all kinds of Proactive Chat Triggers, the system is extremely powerful, and extraordinarily flexible.

Oh, and the best part? Unlimited triggers! Create as many as you want!

Learn more about Proactive Chat.

Engagement Saver

We have a very special proactive rule called “Is the visitor about to exit?” 

This gives you one last chance to grab your visitor’s attention before they navigate away from your website! This proactive rule will trigger if the visitor’s mouse cursor passes through the top edge of your website, toward their browser’s navigation bar.

Agent Reassignment

Automatically reassign chats that go unanswered for too long.

One lost chat is too many! But sometimes your agents will forget to pause. They’re only human (we hope), it happens. Using Agent Reassignment, you can make sure a chat that goes unanswered for too long will be automatically transferred to another available agent. (Bonus: when reassignment occurs, the system will also pause the idle agent to make sure it doesn’t happen again!)

Learn more about Agent Reassignment.

Auto Responder

A feature that you should consider using in all widgets is the Auto Responder. We highly suggest that you use it (as the saying goes: “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late!”).

As humans become increasingly distracted and impatient in this digital age, success is often determined by who engages first – and even more so on the internet where everything is delivered immediately. When visitors engage with live chat on a website, they are looking for immediate assistance. If there is any delay in response, they are already onto the next click and website. More details here

Useful Efficiency Features

Auto Translate

Auto-Translate allows visitors and agents to converse with each other seamlessly in their native languages. With the flip of a switch, all of your agents become fluent in over 100 languages! Details here

Team Chat

Your team can stay in touch at all times, inside Conversations Hub they’re already using to chat with your visitors!

Make sure to use the @Mentions too, if you need someone’s attention right away. Team chat is also a quick and easy way to share links and/or ask quick questions even if you’re not in the same room (or even the same country, for that matter!).

Learn more about Team chat on Conversations Hub

Chat Commands

Make sure you have the correct email address for visitors, and other useful commands.

In addition to Co-browsing, there are a few other commands your agents should know how to use. You can type /help or \help at any time to see a list of available commands

Two of the most useful commands are /email and /record which allow you to manually set a visitor’s email address, and force a transcript to be recorded, respectively.

Learn more about Chat Commands.

The other most useful chat command is…


Did you know you can send your visitor directly to the page they’ve been looking for?

This is one of our very helpful “Chat Commands” that your agents can use during a chat. Let’s say your visitor is looking for pricing information, your Agent could type something like the following to send the visitor directly to your pricing page!

/goto http://www.yoursite.com/pricing-information

Learn more about Guided-browsing.

You can also automate commonly used co-browsing commands with…


These canned messages are a great way to both increase efficiency and improve consistency of messaging.

Spare your agents’ tired fingers by creating canned answers to frequently asked questions! Or add a canned message outlining the details of a new promotion.

Bonus: You can also use “chat commands” in shortcuts, including Co-browsing! Set up a shortcut called goto_returns to co-browse your Visitor directly to your company’s returns policy page.

Learn more about Shortcuts.

Sneak Peek

Show your agents what the visitor is typing before they even hit send!

Imagine if your chat agents could have psychic powers, and were able to find answers to your visitors’ questions before they even ask. Imagine no more! Sneak Peek gives your agents a head start by showing what the visitor is typing before they hit send. Note: Sneak peek will only kick in after the agent’s first response. Before it, the agent cannot see if the visitor is typing something else.

Design Studio

The Design Studio is a powerful tool that will allow you to create your own chat box, pre-chat form, and offline form, in addition to the online and offline buttons with separate settings. You will also be able to choose which fields you can have your pre-chat or offline form, whether you want the fields to be required or not… we give you TOTAL FREEDOM to have your chat looking the way you want it to look. You want your chat box to have a neon purple color? Hey, we don’t judge, go for it! As long as you don’t blame us when your marketing department chases you to tell you the 90’s are over.

Now, how does this design tool work, you say. Well, let’s have a look here.


Useful Analytics Features

Agent Survey

Let your visitors rate their experience with your chat agent.

You need to know how your agents are performing, we get that, so we created the Agent Survey. After a chat closes, your visitor may rate the agent’s performance — rating options currently include: 5 stars, 1 through 10, or Sad-face to Happy-face. The visitor may also leave a comment if they’d like to.

Learn more about Agent Survey.

Also, keep better track of your agents’ ratings (along with many other things) with our…

Analytics Dashboard

Get all your relevant chat stats in one customizable dashboard.

Our Analytics system is extremely versatile, and gives you oodles of information — oodles! Track your chat counts, offline requests, average response times, agent performance, and visitor information like operating system, browser, and language preferences. Most reports give you a number of ways to visualize data over various time periods, and you can always download the raw data as a .csv file to do your own number crunching!

Learn more about Analytics.


Labels is a really powerful new feature to allow your agents to categorize conversations sent to your CRM, Help Desk integration or in your CSV logs exports. In this article, you will find some of the common uses for labels, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your labels. More info here.


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Published December 15, 2014