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Test SnapEngage on your site before going live

There is a good chance you want to do some testing with SnapEngage before you make your Live Chat public, that is: before you go live with Live Chat. Here’s a quick guide to help you slip SnapEngage into your site like a little chat ninja, without alerting your visitors to its presence.

This will require getting your hands a …


How to: Hide button on mobile

If you are wanting to hide the mobile button, you will need to edit the code snippet you place on your website. Below are 2 options for doing this.

Use this snippet to hide the button on mobile AND disable proactive chat

<!-- begin SnapEngage code -->;
<script type="text/javascript">
  (function() {
    var se = document.createElement('script'); se.type = 'text/javascript'; se.async = 

How to: Read chat transcripts

How to: Read chat transcripts

Chat transcripts (also known as chat logs) are a powerful tool which, if analyzed correctly, can help your chat agents be more efficient. This in turn provides a better visitor experience, which is why we do what we do! From an agent’s perspective, they can be helpful as a point of reference for previous chats …


How the tag routing works for proactive chats

Let us assume that we have three agents set up in a widget; Jasmin, Jon and Dante. All three of them have been assigned with tags based on the languages they speak and whether they should be handling support or sales chats.

Jasmin has been tagged with german, english, sales and support, Jon with english, french, spanish, mandarin and support…


How the tag routing works for reactive chats

Let us assume that we have two agents set up in a widget; Jasmin and Jon each with a different set of tags.

Jasmin has been tagged with “spanish” and “gold” and Jon with “spanish” and “spanishexpert”.

To illustrate how reactive chats are routed when using tags, we shall explore a handful of different scenarios in which one of them …


Localizing your Custom Design

Our new customization tool, the long awaited Design Studio about which you can read here, has arrived. It is a powerful tool that will allow you to be as artistic as you may and make your chat box and pre-chat / offline forms best suit your website.

It is a newly released tool however and as we are still …


Troubleshooting Chat Window Spacebar Issues

This article will attempt to address issues involving not being able to use the spacebar in a chat window as seen below.



If you are in a chat and notice that the spacebar is non responsive, it could be due to a Javascript conflict. We have had some reports from SnapEngage users who use the Galleriffic 2.0 library experiencing …


How to automatically launch the chat portal at startup of your computer

Like other applications and websites, you can configure your device to also automatically start the Chat Portal.

Although chatting is fun and it easily becomes a habit to start and log in your Chat Portal, having it start automatically will make sure that you do not forget to become available for your web-visitors who will be looking to chat with …


Pop up the Pre-Chat form after X seconds

When visitors land on your website, perhaps you want to capture their information before they leave without waiting for them to click the chat button. Well, there is a way to programmatically pop-up the Pre-Chat form for your website visitors. Here is a copy-and-paste Javascript snippet that you can use to do this. This snippet uses a few of our …


How do I open a chat from an email link?


You can start a chat from an email link, however, there are certain limitations. SnapEngage needs an active browser window to work — JavaScript code can not be included in emails for security reasons. So you’ll need to create a special “landing page” for these email links.

Create your landing page

This can be any old page on your …


SnapEngage is hidden behind a flash video or application

Adobe Flash does not obey the layering set in the HTML code on all browsers. If the SnapEngage button or chat form appears to be hidden behind a flash video or app, you just need to set the wmode parameter set to transparent. Add this code in your OBJECT tag:


How does an extension work with the Call-me feature?

When adding  an extension number for your agent to the call-me phone number, SnapEngage first dials the number, and then when the automated system picks up, waits 0.5 seconds and sends the DTMF tones to connect to the extension.
To add an extension for your agent:
  1. Click on the Agent Settings tab of your Admin Dashboard and then click Edit

Why are some chat requests sent as offline messages?

Sometimes it is possible that you have a setup that does not allow chat transcripts sent to your email address, but you sometimes still see them in your inbox. This can happen for the following reason:

On some rare occasions a visitor finally replies to a proactive chat message on your site but all agents associated with the widget are


How to view chat transcripts

To view a chat transcript prior to the end of the conversation:

1. Log into your admin panel.
2. Select the Dashboard tab and choose between the Single and Multi Monitor. The Single Monitor will display the chat activity of the current widget while with the Multi Monitor you can see the activity on more widgets. In both cases …


Benefits of Using SnapEngage

When you try SnapEngage free for 15 days, we want to make sure you experience all the great features and benefits that we offer with our product.

Here are some features you don’t want to miss!

  • Excellent Support:  Offices on two continents allow us to cover a broad time range for support. We are here to answer your questions from

Chat Portal Desktop Notifications with IE

IE does not offer the same Desktop Notifications as other browsers, but it does offer something similar with Pinned Sites. Once a site is pinned to the task bar, the Chat Portal can add a badge to the taskbar icon based on your Chat Portal’s Desktop Notification settings. Also, the taskbar icon will flash if the Chat Portal is not …


Chat Portal Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications are a great way to make sure you never miss a chat with a website and to stay alert of any important information from visitors and within a team chat.

Getting setup

First thing is to make sure you’re using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. (Internet Explorer  IE users please see see this post for more …


Intro to the Chat Monitor

Understand and make use of our Real-Time Chat Monitoring to get all of your chat activity at a glance. Whether you have a single widget or multiple, we have a monitoring page that tracks active chats. This doc will explain the Chat Monitor in detail. To access the Chat Monitor, click on the “Chats” tab of your Admin dashboard, which …


Multiple Widgets: Tips and Best Practices

There are a number of scenarios where you might want to use Multiple Widgets to segment various types of chat teams. The most common being separate widgets for Sales and Support teams. Others might include: one widget for each language your support team speaks, or different escalation levels of technical support, or any number of possibilities.

Using Multiple Widgets gives …


Getting Started – Tips and Best Practices

Whether you’re new to SnapEngage, or new to Live Chat in general, we want to make sure that you get the most out of our solution. In this document you will find some of our collective wisdom on how to use your Live Chat most effectively.

Get familiar with the Chat Portal

Although it might sound obvious, it is important …


How to Attract 20% More Customers with Live Chat

Thousands of organizations use SnapEngage to attract more customers… 20% more on average! Here are some of the amazing ways they’ve done it.

1. Turbo charge your conversion page

When visitors are at your signup or checkout page, they usually still have questions on their mind. How can you get them what they need quickly so they can complete their …


Why Proactive Chat is Superior to Site Monitoring

We occasionally hear requests for this feature, “Site Monitoring,” which allows you to view all of your website visitors in real time for the purpose of manually extending chat invitations one by one.

We decided that the time had come to document our official stance on the matter.

It is not surprising that Site Monitoring seems attractive at first glance, …


How to add or remove an agent

What are agents? Agent

Not THOSE agents! Agents are what we call the people who will be using SnapEngage chat to help your customers with their questions. They are the front line of customer service, so you want to set them up as best as you can!

Here we will go into detail on what settings you will be able to …


Make the most of Team Chat

If you’re using the SnapEngage Web Client, making good use of the Team Chat feature could significantly improve you and/or your team’s performance.

(And if you’re not using the Web Client, now is a great time to give it a try!)

What follows is a list of features, and tips on how to make them work for you. …