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How to: Use Labels

Labels is a really powerful new feature to allow your agents to categorize conversations sent to your CRM, Help Desk integration or in your CSV logs exports. In this article, you will find some of the common uses for labels, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your labels.

The new Labels UI for


How the tag routing works for reactive chats

Let us assume that we have two agents set up in a widget; Jasmin and Jon each with a different set of tags.

Jasmin has been tagged with “spanish” and “gold” and Jon with “spanish” and “spanishexpert”.

To illustrate how reactive chats are routed when using tags, we shall explore a handful of different scenarios in which one of them …


How the tag routing works for proactive chats

Let us assume that we have three agents set up in a widget; Jasmin, Jon and Dante. All three of them have been assigned with tags based on the languages they speak and whether they should be handling support or sales chats.

Jasmin has been tagged with German, English, sales and support, Jon with English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and support…


Routing by tag for reactive chats: Configuration

Routing by Tag is an advanced feature, available only on Enterprise Accounts, which enables routing of chats to the most appropriate agent based on skill-set, language, specialty etc. Setting up this feature requires configuration in the SnapEngage Admin Dashboard and can also be used in conjunction with functions inserted into your website code.

Step 1. Enable the Feature



Dynamic Agent Content Using Agent Links

Agent Links – Supercharge Your Chat Agents

SnapEngage offers an incredibly powerful way to embed static or dynamic content for your chat agents directly into the conversation Hub. This content helps to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. Examples of this embeddable content might include:

  • An internal reference web page or document
  • A pricing, special offers, or discounts list
  • A detailed

Disabling the Pre-Chat Form

If you prefer not to use a pre-chat form, you can disable the feature in the “Style” tab, under the “Chat Box Settings” section.

Please note, in order to disable the pre-chat form, you will need to fill in the “First chat message” box before saving. If the “First chat message” box is blank, the changes you …


Overview of the Dashboard UI

Admin Dashboard Overview

Let’s have a look at how to navigate through the admin dashboard. Remember, this dashboard is only available for the owner of  all new plans Essentials, Professional, Enterprise.

You will see that the main navigation, complete with the Current Widget display, is located on the left side of the page. This will be the main menu that …


Avoiding Offline Requests

It is important to note that it is impossible to avoid 100% of all possible Offline Requests. 
In this doc, we will advise you on tips and best practices for avoiding as many Offline Requests as possible (if that’s what you’re after), and also explain why it is impossible to avoid every single offline request.…


Post Chat Survey

The Agent Survey feature allows your website visitors to provide feedback at the end of each chat. The survey will be shown to the visitor regardless of who closes the chat.  The feedback is then made available to agents via the Conversation HUB and to admins via the Survey report in the Agent Performance analytics.

Troubleshooting Tip: If you


Agent Reassignment

Enabling Agent Reassignment will reduce the amount of missed chats, which will boost customer satisfaction! The reassignment will be triggered in case the Chat Agent doesn’t reply to a new chat after a specified amount of time. The system will search automatically for the next available Chat Agent. There is the possibility for the Chat Agent who didn’t answer the …


Proactive vs Reactive Chats

There are two types of chats, Proactive chat and Reactive chat.

Proactive Chats

Proactive chats are first assigned to agents with the least number of chats when a visitor is on your site.

Example: Mia has one chat and Chris has no chats. If a visitor comes to the website they will see the proactive chat prompt from Chris.

All …


How to set up Priority Tiers

Priority Tiers are available in the Professional plan and above. If you don’t see them available in your account, may be on the Essentials plan or an older legacy plan.

Using priority tiers you will allow your agents to focus on their immediate tasks while at the same time reducing the chance that you will have visitors waiting in a …


How to have a chat continue across website sub-domains ?

To continue a chat session across subdomains, just go to the Style > Desktop Browser tab or Design Studio > Style Settings tab of your Admin Dashboard settings depending on your layout and select ‘Enable chat session to continue across sub-domains of your site’ (1).

Be sure to enter your domain without the www. like: domain.com for example.

Important: you …