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Along with the “Shortcuts”, the “Team Chat” and the “Agent Alerts” (which you can set up on the Options tab) , there is yet another tool that you can provide your agents with, in order to make their work easier and / or remind them of important information. That is the “Agent Links” which can also be found under the Options tab:


With the “Agent Links”, you can display links to your agents on their Chat Portal during an ongoing chat. As shown on the screenshot above, those links could be either of a text form or a url. In both cases, you will need to name the agent link. The name of a text-type link will be visible to the agent on each respective tab on their chat portal. To see the name of a url-type link, the agent will need to hover their mouse over the tab:


If an agent clicks on the tab of a text-type link, that will open on their chat portal and display the text that the administrator has added as a Value under the Options tab. As you can see in the screenshot below, some html style tags like <u>,<b> and<i> can be used if you want to add style to the text to emphasize the message to the agents.


You might want to use the agent links in combination with the agent alerts. For example, you can alert your agents that they can click on the”discount” tab to see detailed information on your ongoing offers:


You can find agent alerts right above the agent links and you can display them both as system messages and tabs on the Chat Portal.

If an agent clicks on the tab of a url-type link, that will open on their chat portal and display the respective webpage.


The agent will be able to browse to other pages of the site as if they were on another tab. That allows them to stay on the Chat Portal, with their eyes on the chat while browsing your site for any necessary information. They will also be able to open the url in another tab if that is more convenient for them by clicking on the 4-arrows icon as displayed below:


Note: Please make sure that you are using links on https and not http as those will not be displayed on the Chat portal which is on https. Additionally, many organizations prevent their websites from being loaded via third party iFrames which is why those websites will not be displayed on the Chat portal if you add them as a url link.

Published October 13, 2016