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(Last Updated On: July 31, 2020)

1. Log into your Admin Dashboard and go to the Settings.

2. Select the Options tab.

Widget name (3)

Here you can enter the name of your widget. For more information on adding, removing, and renaming widgets, click here.

Privacy (4)

Here you can choose if you would like to store the visitor IP, location and would like agents to see previous chats with this visitor.

Agent alerts (5)

Display message to agents when chat starts.

Display links to agents when chat starts. Send commonly used urls to agents at the start of each chat. The urls can optionally include predefined tags

Sneak Peek (7)

Allow your chat agents to get a head start on the conversation by enabling them to see the preliminary text from the visitor to be seen as they type it.

File Exchange (8)

Here you can enable visitors and agents to share files during the chat.


Secure Data Transfer (9)

With Secure Data Transfer, you can allow the visitor to send over sensitive information like credit cards and social security numbers. This info is not stored post chat.


Collect additional information (10)

  • JavaScript variables

By selecting this option you can collect additional information on the visitor by entering the variable names in the box as shown below. When a chat starts you will notice these variables being reported to the agent. This information can be collected either with the use of a custom form and the respective fields (eg. Name) or by JavaScript fetching the variables on the user’s page.

Note: To allow your agents to manually collect information during a chat and map this to fields in your CRM / Help Desk (Salesforce, Desk.com, Microsoft Dynamics Cloud, Hubspot, SAP, UserVoice, and Zendesk), you will need to set up and use Labels.

IP throttle (11)

The IP throttle is a mechanism that is turned on by default, that will block anyone trying to start over 5 chats in a 10 minute period time, to avoid spammers. The IP address will be blocked for 5 minutes and they won’t be able to start any new chats during this period. You can just untick the box to disable this security measure.

Thank you note (12)

Send an email to requestor from:____________ after submitting an offline request. By selecting this option each time a visitor leaves an offline request they will receive an email that says “Thank you for submitting a message to (name of your widget) widget” along with the message that was sent.

Please note that we can change the body of the “Thank you” note for you but we cannot change the subject line of it. In the subject line, the name of your widget will be used.

Extra security (13)

  • Require sign in to view support request

If enabled the cases can only be accessed after an admin logs in. If the option is not checked, then anybody with the link can see it.

  • Filter credit card numbers from transcripts

If enabled the chat transcript will be searched for any credit card numbers entered within the chat and the credit card number will be replaced with X’s.


Data removal (14)

  • Delete visitor data after it is successfully sent to destination

This feature removes all visitor information, IP, location, chat transcript, email after the end of the chat (and after any data that was collected was sent to any integrations).

  • Delete case and visitor data after certain period of time. This feature (available on Professional plans or higher please reach out if you need upgrade assistance) will allow to select the timeframe after which all data will be deleted. You can choose from the following options : data older than one month, two months, four months, six months, one year, two years, five years, ten years.

Weekly stats email (15)

If you would like to receive the weekly stats email enter your email address above. These are the stats that are recorded in your Admin Dashboard under stats. For more information about stats and how to view them click here.

  • Include the weekly log of chats and messages in the email.

Check this to have the weekly log of chats and messages included in the weekly stats email. You can also view your chat transcripts under logs in your Admin Dashboard or in your CRM, helpdesk, or email depending on your integration selection.

Chat Idle Time (16)

Configure the amount of time a chat can sit idle before it automatically closes. Once a chat sits with no response from either the agent or the visitor for the set amount of time, the chat session will close out and a message will be sent to both the agent and visitor letting them know the chat sat idle for too long. This time is based on the last response given and will reset with the latest response.

Agent Survey (17)

Allow your visitors to rate their experience with your chat agent. Choose the survey type that is best for your agents.


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Published November 5, 2012

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