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(Last Updated On: July 28, 2018)

How to view a chat transcript while the conversation is ongoing

1. Log into your admin panel.
2. Select the Dashboard tab and choose between the Single and Multi Monitor. The Single Monitor will display the chat activity of the current widget while with the Multi Monitor you can see the activity on more widgets. In both cases you will be able to view the transcript of the chat that interests you.

3. Click on “Chat in progress” to see a list of the ongoing chats and click on the “Details” link to open the transcript for that chat.

4. You will then see the conversation that is taking place.


5. To see more of the conversation you will need to refresh the page.

How to view a transcript after it has ended

On the logs section:

1. Log into your admin panel.
2. Select the logs tab.

3. Click on the chat link you want to view.

4. You will then see the following information.

Export transcripts:

You can export the entire list to .csv files which will make them easy to search.

Search Logs

You can now search for an email address in logs


To get the case link URL, just head to the Admin Dashboard and click on Logs. Find the chat or offline message and click on the word “chat” or “offline” and finally copy the URL that opens in the new tab.


Delete chat transcripts

You can delete transcripts from the logs by clicking the checkmark next to the chat and then clicking the delete button.





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Published October 30, 2012

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