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3 Ways to Analyze Guide Bot Analytics

Learn how to analyze Guide Bot performance using three different methods

The SnapEngage Guide Bot helps you instantly generate more visitor engagement with contextually appropriate messaging and guides customers to the right solution instantly. Users can build complex, multi-step Guide Bots and chain together up to 100 logical steps to provide exceptional customer experiences at a fraction of the cost …


Labels report

What is the Labels Report?

The Labels Report is a powerful tool that allows you to do more with chat. Labels are a customized way to gather more information during a conversation. They allow you to set a category for each conversation in either structured or open-ended ways. The values from the Labels can be passed to your CRM or


How to: Set Agent Sub-statuses

The sub-status feature is available on Enterprise plans, please come and chat with one of our team members if you’d like to hear more or upgrade at snapengage.com

SnapEngage account owners have the ability to add sub-statuses for their agents. These provide details of the tasks that agents are working on, which then makes it easier for admins to run …


Capacity Report

The Capacity Report

The Capacity Report is currently available on Professional plans or higher.

You may have noticed a recent addition to your SnapEngage Analytics tab, which is our new Capacity report tab. This new feature allows admins to gain insight on those peak times when visitors chatting in have caused agents taking chats to be maxed or near maxed …


Weekly Stats

The weekly stats email is a great way to get a snapshot of your agent’s performance from the previous week. You can configure who gets the email and more by heading over to the Admin Dashboard > Settings > Options and scroll down to “Weekly Stats Email”. Below is what is included in the weekly email.

Release notes

Online and


How to: Read chat transcripts

How to: Read chat transcripts

Chat transcripts (also known as chat logs) are a powerful tool which, if analyzed correctly, can help your chat agents be more efficient. This in turn provides a better visitor experience, which is why we do what we do! From an agent’s perspective, they can be helpful as a point of reference for previous chats …


New & Updated Analytics

We recently improved and updated our analytics. You may have noticed the new Visitor Experience section which includes visitor wait time and queue time. In this article, I will go over what these new stats will tell you and how we have improved Agent Performance stats.

Wait Time

Visitor wait time represents the amount of time a visitor waits after …


Intro to Analytics

Please note: The new version of analytics relies on a new way of tracking event data. The data set supporting the new version of analytics only reaches back to 01/2018. If you want to look at older historical data before 2018 you can add the parameter ?old to the analytics URL. The new version of the report should not be


Call Me logs

Call-Me Logs

You can have a look at your Call-Me usage by

  1. Go to your Settings tab on the left in the Admin Dashboard
  2. Click on the Call-Me tab along the top
  3. Optional: Change the time period
  4. Optional: Sort the columns by clicking on the name of the column. For example ‘Date’.