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How to: Agent Links

Along with the “Shortcuts”, the “Team Chat” and the “Agent Alerts” (which you can set up on the Options tab) , there is yet another tool that you can provide your agents with, in order to make their work easier and / or remind them of important information. That is the “Agent Links” which can also be found …

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Custom data mapping for MS Dynamics

Table of contents

  1. Custom Mappings
  2. Picklist
  3. Reference fields

Custom Mappings

 **Please be aware that in MS Dynamics, a configuration (adding a new field for example) should be published to make them available for use.

Every Object has a list of Standard fields and also Custom Fields. You can find your Custom Field names in Microsoft Dynamics > Settings > Customize …

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Disable the tab throttling in Chrome

You may have noticed that the version 57 of Google Chrome brought some changes with it. Long story short, if you are not a certain tab, Chrome may put it to sleep to use less resources, which in principle is a nice concept, but this may interfere with the time it takes for you to get notifications. In order to …

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How to: Set Up the Pre-Chat Form

The Pre-Chat Form



Tired of seeing leads come in with no email address or name attached? Want to ask the visitor what company they are from or if they agree to your terms and conditions? The Pre-Chat Form allows you to ask the visitor a series of questions prior to a live chat.

With the introduction of our

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