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How to: Agent Links

Along with the “Shortcuts”, the “Team Chat” and the “Agent Alerts” (which you can set up on the Options tab) , there is yet another tool that you can provide your agents with, in order to make their work easier and / or remind them of important information. That is the “Agent Links” which can also be found …

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Restricting agent login to Google SSO

If you have a Premier, Enterprise, or Full-Service account and want Google SSO to be the only method that your agents can use to login in to the SnapEngage chat platform, you will need to enable the “Exclusive Login” checkbox, select “Google SSO” from the drop-down list, then click “Save Changes” in the bottom-right of the window.

You will find …

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Why is the HUB better than the Chat portal?

With a modern look, an easy interface and separate panels, the HUB is a newer and easier way for agents to respond to chats. In this article, we will see why the HUB is better than the chat portal. Find out how to upgrade here.


Favicon showing status and notifications of new chats

On your browser, you will now …

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Chatbots for Info-Capture

Info-Capture Chatbot Overview & Setup

The new SnapEngage Info-Capture Chatbot provides an easy way for B2B and B2C companies to capture website visitor information even when no human agents are online and available to chat. Businesses can rely on the Info-Capture Chatbot to supplement agent resources 24/7 during peak and off-hours, and ensure that critical visitor information (like email address) …

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GDPR Recommended practices

There’s a lot of information in regards to GDPR out there as this topic is very complex, and it is different for each of our clients. Your company has most likely done extensive research, and perhaps been in touch with legal advisors, on how to handle SnapEngage data and when to delete it.

The following advice should not be …

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