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How to: Agent Links

Along with  “Shortcuts”,  “Team Chat” and the “Agent Alerts” (which you can set up on the Options tab) , there is another tool that you can provide your agents with, in order to make work easier and / or remind them of important information. That is “Agent Links” which can also be found under the Options tab:


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Auto Responder

Here at SnapEngage, your success is always our goal. We want to make sure that you are using every tool at your disposal to achieve your goals and provide the best client experience for the visitors on your website.


A feature that you should consider using in all widgets is the Auto Responder. We highly suggest that you use

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SnapEngage Best Practices Agent and Admin

This doc is to outline some of the best practices when using SnapEngage on both the agent and admin side.


1. Tone/Voice

  • The tone and voice of the agent(s) is very important and can make the customer experience a great or not so great one. You are the voice for your company so what kind of voice do you
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How to become a Superstar Agent

1. Start!

You are receiving this article because you have been recognized as someone of extraordinary character, a person destined for great things. You are a special agent equipped with the power to enable awesome, but 1st a little training.

Before starting to use Conversations Hub check your email with information on how to create your password and get logged …

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How to: Set Agent Sub-statuses

The sub-status feature is available on Enterprise plans, please come and chat with one of our team members if you’d like to hear more or upgrade at

SnapEngage account owners have the ability to add sub-statuses for their agents. These provide details of the tasks that agents are working on, which then makes it easier for admins to run …

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Chat Transcript (caselink URL)

The post chat transcript or caselink URL is a detailed overview of the chat. It includes the chat transcript, visitor info, who ended the chat and more. We recently updated these the look and feel of the case link URL to have a modern feel.

Old Case link URL view

New Case link URL view

If you would like to …

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