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How to: Agent Links

Along with the “Shortcuts”, the “Team Chat” and the “Agent Alerts” (which you can set up on the Options tab) , there is yet another tool that you can provide your agents with, in order to make their work easier and / or remind them of important information. That is the “Agent Links” which can also be found …

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How to create an integration with Zapier and Google Sheets

Thanks to our Post API, you can also integrate SnapEngage using Zapier and send data over to google sheets, or other apps!


1- On Zapier, from the apps, select “Google sheets”


2- Scroll down and choose “Add info to a google sheet from a new Webhook POSTs” (other ones may work, but the instructions may differ slightly)


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Introduction to Hub


Hub is the newer, sleeker version of our Chat Portal, allowing your agents to chat in style without sacrificing performance. This is where the magic happens.

To test out the Hub Beta, just click on the button in the upper right-hand corner.

and then click “Let’s do this!”

Let’s start the tour

When you first sign in, you will …

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