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(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Add a checkbox onto the pre-chat/offline forms for GDPR compliance

Do you need your visitors to check a box before starting a chat? (this may be a requirement for GDPR, for example)? Then this is really easy to do using the Design Studio (you will need the Design studio enabled for this). These are the steps :


1- Under Settings, go to Design Studio, and edit the current theme (or clone).




2 – Under Pre-chat box or offline box (you may need to do it for both), click on fields on the right hand side. Under “add more fields”, click on the + next to Checkbox.



3- Add the text and the checkbox label. Make it required if you need to. An example of GDPR verbiage could be the following :

“I understand / acknowledge that the controller of my personal data is “NameOfYourCompany” with its registered office in “YourCompanyAddress”, and with customer service agents located in the USA and in Germany. I understand / acknowledge that my personal data shall be processed and transmitted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).”

Then the checkbox label : I accept



4- This is what it will look like



5- Save, and apply the design if not done already. If this is required, and the pre-chat form is enabled, visitors won’t be able to start a chat unless they check the box.

6- This field will also show as a variable on the chat portal or HUB and can also be mapped onto your integration. You will need to add the variable name under Options – Javascript variables (by default called checkbox) and then it will be mappable under javascript. The values will be true or false.

On the HUB or chat portal, this is how you will see it :

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Published May 11, 2018