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How does SnapEngage’s Queue Work? – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

SnapEngage offers significant flexibility to how you manage your incoming chats. This document covers many of the frequently asked questions about the queue logic and how various features and situations affect it.

Can I set a limit to how many chats are allowed in the queue?

  • Yes! Under Agent Settings -> Chat Assignment -> Queue settings you

SnapEngage Subscription Sales Tax

To protect our clients and comply with all local laws, SnapEngage collects and remits sales tax in the United States where required. Nexus is determined by each state and certain states now require sales tax for products and services like SnapEngage.

Beginning March 29th, 2021, SnapEngage will be required by law to collect sales tax for members’ paid subscriptions in …


Setting Up a Post-Chat Survey Bot

*This feature is available on Enterprise plans only. Chat with us if you want to find out more!*

About the Post-Chat Survey Bot

The Post-Chat Survey Bot is the next evolution of our Agent Survey feature. Admins can use this setting to set various end chat actions including creating a new Guide Bot to automatically gather invaluable feedback from their


How to: Integrate with SAP Sales and Service Clouds (Integration 2.0)

Integrate SnapEngage with SAP Sales and Service Clouds (latest version 2.0)

SnapEngage has built a brand-new integration with SAP Sales and Service Clouds (formerly C4C) using SAP’s modern REST API. Automate and enhance downstream workflows, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce time to resolution and time to close with the latest SAP and SnapEngage integration. SnapEngage’s SAP Integration 2.0 integrates with …


Reserve Tier

*Currently, this feature is available on Enterprise plans only. Chat with us if you want to find out more!*

What the Reserve Tier can do for your business

The Reserve Tier augments the SnapEngage priority tier routing system. It enables more flexible and powerful bot strategies, particularly when using multiple chatbots. Without the Reserve Tier, it is more complicated and …


What’s New for Guide Bot – December 2020

SnapEngage has released the latest version of Guide Bot and it’s been completely overhauled to help you drive value for your business. Guide Bot shortens time to interaction, time to revenue and time to resolution. 

Continue reading to learn more about the December 2020 release of Guide Bot.

New data capture capabilities

The previous version of Guide Bot made it …


Disable Tab Discarding in Chrome

What is Tab Discarding?

Tab Discarding is a new experimental feature developed by Google Chrome, to discard, or idle out, inactive Chrome browser tabs. The tab is discarded if it is left idle for a certain amount of time with no response. Chrome previously had a Tab Throttling feature which performed a similar function, but as they are constantly improving …


Labels report

What is the Labels Report?

The Labels Report is a powerful tool that allows you to do more with chat. Labels are a customized way to gather more information during a conversation. They allow you to set a category for each conversation in either structured or open-ended ways. The values from the Labels can be passed to your CRM or


Displaying Dynamic JavaScript Variables in Guide Bot dialogue

JavaScript variables consist of data which is collected prior to a chat starting, and you can display this information dynamically to a visitor through a Guide Bot dialogue flow.

For example, below, you can see that the Guide Bot is referring to the visitor by name, and knows the specific product the visitor was looking at.

This can be done …


Guide Bot Template: Team Router

Guide Bot Template: Team Router

See the full list of available Guide Bot templates here.

Companies often have separate teams for Sales, Support or other functions. This bot prompts your visitor to select the right team and routes the chat to that team’s widget. 


  • Quick and easy way to route traffic to the right team
  • Specialized teams can

Guide Bot Template: Second Chance

Guide Bot Template: “Second Chance”

See the full list of available Guide Bot templates here.

Website contact forms are great – but sometimes they scare your prospects away, particularly if you require too much information. Use this bot to quickly capture those interested leads before they click away!


  • Increase the number of leads you capture and convert
  • Ensure

Guide Bot Template: Sales Qualification

Guide Bot Template: Sales Qualification and Routing

See the full list of available Guide Bot templates here.

Ask your visitors a few simple questions to understand their goals and readiness to buy – then route the chat to the correct sales team or agent.


  • Learn where your visitors are in the “buying journey.” Are they ready to buy,

Guide Bot Template: High Traffic Queue Bot

Guide Bot Template: High Traffic Queue Bot

See the full list of available Guide Bot templates here.

Triage customer support requests with this bot when you are experiencing a high-traffic situation and you are unable to respond to all requests in a timely manner. Place this bot in a tier above your agents to only kick in once all …


Guide Bot Templates

Guide Bot templates are predesigned bot configurations for common use cases or situations. You can also set up your own Guide Bot configuration from scratch using our documentation here.

Templates are not intended to work “as is”, but provide a good starting point for you to create your own custom solution. The general outline of a bot behavior is …


How to integrate SnapEngage with TeamSupport

SnapEngage integrates with TeamSupport. Once the chat is finished, you can send the transcript to TeamSupport.

How to configure it:

In order to configure this integration, head over to Settings -> Integrations, and choose TeamSupport.


On the server address field, enter the part of the URL that is missing as you compare it to how it shows on the …


Bot Template: Categorize & Triage Support Requests

Categorize & Triage Support Requests

See the full list of available Guide Bot templates here.

Use this bot to help your customers categorize the nature of their support requests. Handle each type of request differently (e.g., “How To” vs. System Outage). Label chats accordingly for optimal data collection and fast follow-up.


  • Help your visitors understand what they want

Visitor Identity verification

Visitor Identity Verification is an advanced security and identity protection for businesses that communicate with authenticated users (signed into an application, portal, or other backend system). This feature is available with Enterprise plans. Please come and speak to us if you would like to upgrade. 

Clients want to ensure that the person they are chatting with is, in fact, the


Approval Checker

The Approval Checker allows you to ask visitors for consent before starting their chat, even on proactive chats. The visitor will no be able to start a chat, until they have confirmed they have read and understood the message. The configuration for this is done from the admin dashboard, under Agent settings –> Chat assignment.



You can …


Dynamic Proactive Messages Using JavaScript Variables

Dynamic Proactive (and Bot) Messages.

Proactive chat is a great way to increase engagement with your visitors and clients. The most engagement occurs when you make your messages highly contextual and personalized. Making your messages dynamic (with variable content) is a way to make these messages even more targeted. You can accomplish this by passing data from your site or …


How do upgrades and downgrades work?

SnapEngage is license-based, therefore, if you want to add more agents than you have licenses for, you will need to purchase those licenses beforehand. If you want to downgrade, you will need to delete those agents, but also reduce the number of licenses from the admin dashboard. On this article, we explain the logic behind upgrades and downgrades.

Adding agents


Minimized proactive chat invite

Proactive chat is one of SnapEngage’s greatest features. It allows you to send visitors customizable invitations to chat based on many different factors, including URL, Country, and Javascript variables among many others. And those prompts can be routed to specific agents, tags, or even bots.

Visitors can be invited with the regular Proactive Chat prompt, which opens the full …


How to configure Answer bot

Note: There is an extra per month fee for bots more details here.

This article explains how to configure an Answer Bot. An Answer Bot is a bot that allows visitors to ask questions, and then suggests articles from your knowledge base based on search terms. It can answer your customers’ routine and highly specialized questions quickly, relieve demand …


Widget Distribution tool

This tool is available for Enterprise clients only. Please speak to one of our advisors if you need information on how to upgrade.

The Widget Distribution tool

The Widget Distribution tool allows you to have an origin widget installed on your site and use it as a funnel to distribute chats to other widgets. You can distribute the chats to …


SMS to chat for HIPAA accounts

SMS is one of the various Communication Channels you can use with SnapEngage to connect with your clients. The SMS to chat feature allows visitors to text a number, and start a chat with SnapEngage via their phone, the SnapEngage agent receives the chat and their Hub, and responds from there. The phone number can be provided by SnapEngage …


How to set up my account on the European server

We do offer the ability to migrate your account to our EU server. By default, your account is hosted on US servers, but we can migrate the entire account to EU. If you want more information please start a chat with us so we can provide a quote.


Once you are already set up in your EU account, this


Chatbot API – How to build it

Currently, our Chatbot API  is only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans. Essentials plans do not include this feature. You will need to migrate to our new plans in order to utilize this feature.

In this article we will give you an example we’ve created that is hosted on Google Cloud platform, and how to connect it.

The technical …




Currently, the Auto-Translate feature is only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans. Essentials plans do not include this feature. You will need to migrate to a higher plan in order to utilise this feature.

Auto-Translate allows visitors and agents to converse with each other seamlessly in their native languages. With the flip of a switch, all of your …


New left side column design for the Hub

We are updating the Conversations Hub to improve the UI and usability. The main change is to the left side column where you will now find all your conversations, whether active, recent or internal in one view.

You can see a preview of the upcoming changes in the screenshot below:



  1. The visitor chat and team chat tabs have

End chat delay

Under the integrations tab, you will find the “End Chat Delay” setting. When the delay is on, all completed chat cases will be “held” for a specified number of minutes before they are sent to active integrations (e.g., Salesforce or Zendesk). This delay allows the visitor time to complete a post-chat survey so that they survey response can be …


Request email transcript

Our request email transcript feature allows visitors to enter their email during a chat with an agent, so they can receive a copy of the transcript for their records once it’s finished.

This is very easy to set up, but please be aware that for this feature to work, you need to have the Design Studio enabled.

On the …


How to: Set Agent Sub-statuses

The sub-status feature is available on Enterprise plans, please come and chat with one of our team members if you’d like to hear more or upgrade at snapengage.com

SnapEngage account owners have the ability to add sub-statuses for their agents. These provide details of the tasks that agents are working on, which then makes it easier for admins to run …


Chat Transcript (caselink URL)

The post chat transcript or casel ink URL is a detailed overview of the chat. It includes the chat transcript, visitor info, who ended the chat and more. We recently updated these the look and feel of the case link URL to have a modern feel.

Old Case link URL view

New Case link URL view

If you would like …


Chatbot API

Currently, our Chatbot API  is only available on our Enterprise and Professional plans. The Essentials plan does not include this feature. 

If you want to know the steps to follow to configure your bot with our API, go here. You will also find the technical documentation here.

The SnapEngage Chatbot API allows you or your developers to create your


How to test the Logs API

About this Article-

This article goes over how to set up, test, and use the Logs API.


If you are familiar with our Developer website, you may have seen we have different APIs, among them, the Logs API which allows you to download logs from your widgets on a given timeframe, or even connect them to a third-party …


GDPR approval checker

The GDPR approval checker allows you to ask visitors for consent before starting their chat, even on proactive chats. The visitor will no be able to start a chat, until they have confirmed they have read and understood the message. The configuration for this is done from the admin dashboard, under Agent settings –> Chat assignment.



You …


Getting Started with the Hub – Tips and Best Practices

Whether you’re new to SnapEngage, or new to Live Chat in general, we want to make sure that you get the most out of our solution. In this document you will find some of our collective wisdom on how to use your Live Chat most effectively.

Get familiar with the Hub

Although it might sound obvious, it is important that …


GDPR Recommended practices

There’s a lot of information in regards to GDPR out there as this topic is very complex, and it is different for each of our clients. Your company has most likely done extensive research, and perhaps been in touch with legal advisors, on how to handle SnapEngage data and when to delete it.

The following advice should not be …


Privacy policy checkbox for GDPR compliance

Add a checkbox onto the pre-chat/offline forms for GDPR compliance

About this Article-

This article goes over how to set up a GDPR privacy box for usage.

**For proactive chats or manual chats with no pre-chat form, see this article**

Do you need your visitors to check a box before starting a chat? (this may be a requirement for …


Introduction to Hub

The Conversations Hub

The Conversations Hub allows your agents to chat in style without sacrificing performance. You will definitely enjoy how easy it is to navigate and use the Hub, due to its modern design and a layout with separate panels. You’ll learn about all this in our guide, so let’s begin!

Let’s start the tour

When you first sign …


How to: Set Up the Pre-Chat Form

The Pre-Chat Form



Tired of seeing leads come in with no email address or name attached? Want to ask the visitor what company they are from or if they agree to your terms and conditions? The Pre-Chat Form allows you to ask the visitor a series of questions prior to a live chat.

With the introduction of our


How to: Use the Design Studio

Design Studio!

The Design Studio is a powerful tool that will allow you to create your own chatbox, pre-chat form, and offline form, in addition to the online and offline buttons with separate settings. You will also be able to choose which fields you can have your pre-chat or offline form, whether you want the fields to be required or …


Generating, Changing or Deleting Your SnapEngage API Token

You now have the ability to manage your own API token for SnapEngage. The first step in doing so is making sure you actually need an API token to accomplish your goal. You do NOT need a token to work with the SnapEngage Javascript API or POST API.

Additionally, the Provisioning and Get Chat APIs will still need their own …