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Widget Distribution tool

This tool is available for Enterprise clients only. Please speak to one of our advisors if you need information on how to upgrade.

The Widget Distribution tool

The Widget Distribution tool allows you to have an origin widget installed on your site and use it as a funnel to distribute chats to other widgets. You can distribute the chats to …


SMS to chat for HIPAA accounts

SMS is one of the various Communication Channels you can use with SnapEngage to connect with your clients. The SMS to chat feature allows visitors to text a number, and start a chat with SnapEngage via their phone, the SnapEngage agent receives the chat and their Hub, and responds from there. The phone number can be provided by SnapEngage …


How to set up my account on the European server

We do offer the ability to migrate your account to our EU server. By default, your account is hosted on US servers, but we can migrate the entire account to EU. If you want more information please start a chat with us so we can provide a quote.


Once you are already set up in your EU account, this


See your visitor’s screen with Cobrowse

SnapEngage Cobrowse (Screen-Sharing)- Beta

The Cobrowse feature will allow your agents to view the screen of your visitor’s website during an ongoing chat and even take control of their mouse. You will be able to test this only for Widgets where the Design Studio is enabled, and if your plan is Professional or Enterprise. Come and speak to us if


Chat Bot API – How to build it

Currently, our Beta Chat Bot API  is only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans. Essentials plans,  do not include this feature. You will need to migrate to our new plans in order to utilize this feature.

In this article we will give you an example we’ve created that is hosted on Google Cloud platform, and how to connect it.…




Currently, the Auto-Translate feature is only available on our new Professional and Enterprise plans. Essentials plans, as well as all legacy plans, do not include this feature. You will need to migrate to our new plans in order to utilise this feature.

Auto-Translate allows visitors and agents to converse with each other seamlessly in their native languages. With the …


New left side column design for the Hub

We are updating the Conversations Hub to improve the UI and usability. The main change is to the left side column where you will now find all your conversations, whether active, recent or internal in one view.

You can see a preview of the upcoming changes in the screenshot below:



  1. The visitor chat and team chat tabs have

End chat delay

Under the integrations tab, you will find the “End Chat Delay” setting. When the delay is on, all completed chat cases will be “held” for a specified number of minutes before they are sent to active integrations (e.g., Salesforce or Zendesk). This delay allows the visitor time to complete a post-chat survey so that they survey response can be …


Request email transcript

Our request email transcript feature allows visitors to enter their email during a chat with an agent, so they can receive a copy of the transcript for their records once it’s finished.

This is very easy to set up, but please be aware that for this feature to work, you need to have the Design Studio enabled.

On the …


How to: Set Agent Sub-statuses

The sub-status feature is available on Enterprise plans, please come and chat with one of our team members if you’d like to hear more or upgrade at snapengage.com

SnapEngage account owners have the ability to add sub-statuses for their agents. These provide details of the tasks that agents are working on, which then makes it easier for admins to run …


Chat Transcript (caselink URL)

The post chat transcript or casel ink URL is a detailed overview of the chat. It includes the chat transcript, visitor info, who ended the chat and more. We recently updated these the look and feel of the case link URL to have a modern feel.

Old Case link URL view

New Case link URL view

If you would like …


Chat bot API

Currently, our Beta Chat Bot API  is only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans. Essentials plans,  do not include this feature. You will need to migrate to our new plans in order to utilize this feature.

If you want to know the steps to follow to configure your bot with our API, go here. You will also find the …


How to test the Logs API

If you are familiar with our Developer website, you may have seen we have different APIs, among them, the Logs API which allows you to download logs from your widgets on a given timeframe, or even connect them to a third-party software.

Here, you will get the information on how to test the API and make the calls to …


GDPR approval bot

The GDPR approval bot allows you to ask visitors for consent before starting their chat, even on proactive chats. The visitor will no be able to start a chat, until they have confirmed they have read and understood the message. The configuration for this is done from the admin dashboard, under Agent settings –> Chat assignment.



You …


Getting Started with the Hub – Tips and Best Practices

Whether you’re new to SnapEngage, or new to Live Chat in general, we want to make sure that you get the most out of our solution. In this document you will find some of our collective wisdom on how to use your Live Chat most effectively.

Get familiar with the Hub

Although it might sound obvious, it is important that …


Why is the HUB better than the Chat portal?

With a modern look, an easy interface and separate panels, the HUB is a newer and easier way for agents to respond to chats. In this article, we will see why the HUB is better than the chat portal. Find out how to upgrade here.


Favicon showing status and notifications of new chats

On your browser, you will now …


Chatbots for Info-Capture

Info-Capture Chatbot Overview & Setup

The new SnapEngage Info-Capture Chatbot provides an easy way for B2B and B2C companies to capture website visitor information even when no human agents are online and available to chat. Businesses can rely on the Info-Capture Chatbot to supplement agent resources 24/7 during peak and off-hours, and ensure that critical visitor information (like email address) …


GDPR Recommended practices

There’s a lot of information in regards to GDPR out there as this topic is very complex, and it is different for each of our clients. Your company has most likely done extensive research, and perhaps been in touch with legal advisors, on how to handle SnapEngage data and when to delete it.

The following advice should not be …


Introduction to Hub

The Conversations Hub

The Conversations Hub allows your agents to chat in style without sacrificing performance. You will definitely enjoy how easy it is to navigate and use the Hub, due to its modern design and a layout with separate panels. You’ll learn about all this in our guide, so let’s begin!

Let’s start the tour

When you first sign …


How to: Set Up the Pre-Chat Form

The Pre-Chat Form



Tired of seeing leads come in with no email address or name attached? Want to ask the visitor what company they are from or if they agree to your terms and conditions? The Pre-Chat Form allows you to ask the visitor a series of questions prior to a live chat.

With the introduction of our


How to: Use the Design Studio

An important note if you have a legacy custom form across any of your widgets: Updating to the Design Studio will replace your existing custom form. Before activating the Design Studio, we recommend reviewing your custom form setting so you don’t lose any important information or functionality.   

Design Studio!

The Design Studio is a powerful tool that will allow you …


Generating, Changing or Deleting Your SnapEngage API Token

You now have the ability to manage your own API token for SnapEngage. The first step in doing so is making sure you actually need an API token to accomplish your goal. You do NOT need a token to work with the SnapEngage Javascript API or POST API.

Additionally, the Provisioning and Get Chat APIs will still need their own …


Mobile App Setup Guide

***Update May 2017 – We have removed the SnapEngage mobile app from both the Apple and Android App stores. If you have the app already installed on your mobile device, then please proceed with these instructions. Please note that the current mobile app has many known issues and we recommend you use the web app on a desktop computer.  If