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This article explains templates which are predesigned bot configurations for common use cases or situations

Guide Bot templates are predesigned bot configurations for common use cases or situations. You can also set up your own Guide Bot configuration from scratch using our documentation here.

Templates are not intended to work “as is”, but provide a good starting point for you to create your own custom solution. The general outline of a bot behavior is completed for you – you just fill in and adjust the details according to your business goals and operations. Templates help you understand possibilities, and learn how to set up bots to handle different situations.

Currently, you cannot create your own templates – you can only use the ones that we have provided. However, you can edit the templates completely to fit your needs.

When you initially add a Guide Bot, you can now select whether to create one from scratch or to add a template:

If you would prefer to build your own Guide Bot from scratch, select “Start from scratch” and refer to our documentation here. If you would like to use a template, click on “Select a template”, which brings up the following page:

Please check the links below to find relevant documentation on each of the available templates.

Templates by Category

Customer Service and Support

Categorize & Triage Support Requests

Support Information Collector

High Traffic Queue Bot

Sales and Lead Acquisition

Sales Qualification

Appointment Scheduling

Second Chance

General Purpose

Team Router

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Published October 12, 2020