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This article explains how to set a support information collector guide bot.

Guide Bot Template: Support Information Collector

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If your support team has to ask a number of routine questions of every chat case – why not have a bot gather this information for you automatically before the chat starts?


  • Save agents from asking repetitive questions so they have more time to handle complex inquiries
  • Make sure your customers have all the necessary information handy at the outset of a support inquiry
  • Ensure you have the right context and information for every support case to ensure optimal customer resolutions
  • Reduce time to resolution for support inquiries and increase customer satisfaction

Many support teams have routine preliminary questions that they need to ask for every potential support case. These routine questions and qualifying information will differ by product and company, but a few examples include: “Are you getting an error code?” or “Which version of the product are you using?” and so on. Rather than have your agents waste time by asking these questions at the start of every single chat conversation, instead have a Guide Bot ask them ahead of time so that when the chat hits your human agents, all of the valuable and necessary information has already been collected.

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Published October 8, 2020