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(Last Updated On: July 27, 2020)

Guide Bot is available for SnapEngage accounts of type “Professional” or “Enterprise“ (note that Guide Bot can be used differently depending on which of these plans you have). Legacy plans and the “Essentials” plan do not have Bots. Chat with us to explore plan options.

What is Guide Bot?

Guide Bot is an automation tool that allows you to create automated, interactive conversations with your site visitors. It is called Guide Bot because it is intended to help guide your visitors to the right team, chat agent or page on your site, or using one of your channels, such as Facebook or SMS to chat.

An individual Guide Bot asks a single question, and lets the visitor choose from several options. Based on the visitor’s choice, the bot can take action to route the conversation.

Guide Bot is extremely flexible, particularly when used with tags and agent tiers. Guide Bot can be proactive, reactive or both.  It can route a chat to another widget, an agent tag, or terminate the chat with a message. It can also include commands to navigate the visitors browser to a particular page on your site. Each action is accompanied by a transition message. Guide Bot can be set to transition to other types of bots (custom bots, Info Capture bot, or even another Guide Bot).

Why Use Guide Bot?

Guide Bot can be used to achieve several goals. It is useful to understand a visitor’s intent on your site (or even suggest an intent they didn’t know they had), and then act on that intent. The simplest example of this is “sales vs. support”. The bot can ask which of these is the visitor’s goal, and route the chat to the support team or the sales team accordingly.

The Guide Bot can also be put to far more specific uses. For example, it could be used to help “qualify” a sales lead by asking a key qualification question like, “I can have someone help answer your questions, but to best understand your needs, are you: Option A, Option B, Option C.”  This way, you’ve given your visitor an easy, one-click way to provide some key information. You could route all 3 answers to the same sales team, or route them to different teams as needed. Either way, you’ve captured something important about your visitors needs.


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Published December 4, 2019