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This article explains guide bot.

Guide Bot is available for SnapEngage Professional or Enterprise accounts (note that Guide Bot can be used differently depending on which of these plans you have). Chat with us to explore plan options.

What is Guide Bot?

The Guide Bot is an easy way to create complex routing flows to direct visitors to specific widgets and agents while displaying information. Using our Multi-Tier Step system, you can create a tree of questions and ensure visitors are routed to the best-suited agent. You can also qualify leads by asking questions and directing them to the right person or team. Guide Bots can request email addresses, phone numbers, and additional text input enabling a significant amount of data to be captured with ease. The Guide Bot is used to organically converse with the visitor, offering a better user experience.

It is called Guide Bot because it is intended to help guide your visitors to the right team, chat agent or page on your site, or using one of your channels, such as Facebook or SMS to chat.

Why Use Guide Bot?

Guide Bot can be used to achieve several goals. It is useful to understand a visitor’s intent on your site (or even suggest an intent they didn’t know they had), and then act on that intent. The simplest example of this is “sales vs. support”. The bot can ask which of these is the visitor’s goal, and route the chat to the support team or the sales team accordingly.

The Guide Bot can automatically capture visitor email address and phone number, and assign them to leads. It can also add Labels automatically.

We have built a number of templates which you can use out of the box (or tailor to your needs) or you can start from scratch!

Note: You can now add bots images to provide step by step tutorials with gifs and images. Show product images to generate interest in prospects and for initial sales qualifications. Adding images and gifs to response options greatly increases the range of concepts that can efficiently be communicated in the chat window.

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Published December 4, 2019