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This article explains how to set an appointment scheduling bot.

Guide Bot Template: Appointment Scheduling

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Engage your visitors and help them schedule an appointment with one of your sales teams.  


  • Quickly schedule calls and meetings on behalf of your sales agents
  • Automatically route incoming prospects to the correct sales agent according to your existing processes and sales territory distinctions
  • Less friction for your customers means more calls/demos/meetings booked
  • Ensure that prospects are paired with the agent who is the best fit for their needs to improve the buying experience and reduce time to close

This bot does not provide appointment setting / calendar options directly, but instead relies on your pre-existing online appointment setting service. Most sales and marketing products provide some sort of meeting scheduling tool for your teams. However, even Google Calendar has an appointment setting service that you could use if needed. This bot asks the visitor a question to determine which type of appointment to set. The template includes only a single question related to company size – but you could absolutely ask multiple qualifying questions, or use different criteria altogether. The goal is the same – based on the visitor’s answers, route the visitor to the correct appointment setting page. The bot automatically redirects the visitor’s browser to the correct page.

Important Notes:

The redirect command used by this bot assumes that you are redirecting the visitor to another page on one of your hosted sub-domains (examples: www.mydomain.com or blog.mydomain.com or meetings.mydomain.com). Additionally, it assumes that you have SnapEngage installed on that destination page. This will allow the chat to continue seamlessly after the browser is redirected.

If you are using an external appointment setting service (Google, HubSpot, Salesforce, Meetingbird, etc), you will need to embed those meeting scheduling pages into a page on your main domain or a sub-domain. If you attempt to redirect the browser to an external domain – the redirect will work, but the chat will disappear (because SnapEngage is either not installed on that domain, or the destination domain is not aware of the current chat which cannot jump domains).

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Published October 8, 2020