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This article explains how to set up your account on an European server.


We do offer the ability to migrate your account to our EU server. By default, your account is hosted on US servers, but we can migrate the entire account to EU. If you want more information please start a chat with us so we can provide a quote.


Once you are already set up in your EU account, this is what you need to do:

– We will create a brand new account on the EU server for you, you and your agents will access SnapEngage through a different EU URL.

You will use https://eu.snapengage.com/signin

– The widget will also have a new code that you will need to install on the website.

– The new account will need to be on the Design Studio.

– You will need to add the agent’s pictures.

– The shortcuts and proactive chat rules will be already showing in your EU account.

– You will also have access to the “old” account on the US server, this is where you will make the payments to SnapEngage and upgrade, add agents, etc. Once you add agents or change plans you will do this in the US account, after any changes please come and chat with us so we can update the EU account with those changes.

– The old transcripts from the US account and analytics will not be moved to the EU account, you can choose whether you want to keep them or delete the old widgets completely.

– Only SnapEngage agents from the Berlin office will be allowed to access your EU account.


If you need to do a password reset you will need to use this URL:

You will use https://eu.snapengage.com/reset


Regarding the process on your end, let me go through what is involved:

1.  You will need to replace the SnapEngage code on your site with the new EU widget code. You will need to log in to the EU account as the administrator and go to Settings -> Get the Code, and email this to your developers.

2.  We will set up all agents with new accounts, so they will all receive password reset emails. Each individual agent will need to follow the link in the body of the email to access the EU account, and will sign in using this password and email in future.

Once the code is installed and the new agent accounts are authenticated, you can start to receive chats!


PRICE: There would be a one-time set up charge, as this is a manual process undertaken by our developers.

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Published December 30, 2019