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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

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This article explains how to set a minimized proactive chat invite.

Proactive chat is one of SnapEngage’s greatest features. It allows you to send visitors customizable invitations to chat based on many different factors, including URL, Country, and Javascript variables among many others. And those prompts can be routed to specific agents, tags, or even bots.

Visitors can be invited with the regular Proactive Chat prompt, which opens the full chat box, or a “minimized” Proactive Chat invite on desktop browsers, which is a modern, less intrusive way of displaying the proactive prompt on the visitor’s page. This is similar to what it looked like on mobile already. The visitor is able to close the prompt or to click on it to respond.

The minimized invite will display the message bubble next to the avatar image of the assigned chat agent or bot. The visitors will be able to close the invitation directly by hovering over it, and clicking on the X that displays when doing so.

A new, modern, minimized look that takes less space on the page


On the left, the minimized proactive chats which takes less space on the page, on the right, the classic proactive invitation.

A proactive prompt assigned to the Guide Bot can display buttons directly

When using the Guide Bot, the minimized invite also includes up to three buttons. If there are four buttons or more, buttons will be hidden and only the prompt will show. The visitor is able to click directly on the button displayed by the Guide Bot.

This is already the default view on mobile, and will not change.

Minimized proactive (left) versus classic proactive view (right). The mobile view doesn't have bot button options in order to respect the space restrictions on mobile browsers.

How to configure it

By default, all proactive prompts feature the classic look. If you would like to change a prompt to feature the new minimized look, follow these steps.

  1. Edit the rule
  2. Click on “Invite visitor in minimized view on desktop browsers”
  3. Click save


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Published April 15, 2020