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How to load one widget or another depending on variables

Most of our customers would choose which widget they want to install where, and install them accordingly on those pages. However, if you are running more of a complex operation, where you may want to detect some specific settings to determine which widgets to load, we can help with that!  In that case you may want to load one widget …


How to add a background image in Design Studio

The Design Studio is the best place to create custom buttons, chat boxes and offline forms. Here’s a step by step guide on how to add a background image to your chat box.

Head over to your Admin Dashboard and click on Settings > Design Studiods1

Next, click the edit button on the theme you want to edit. ds2

When the …


How To Activate The Design Studio On A Widget

Upgrading To The Design Studio

SnapEngage’s new Design Studio gives you all the tools you need to fully customize your visitor-facing chat experience, including chat box templates, pre-chat/offline forms and online/offline chat buttons. If you signed up for SnapEngage prior to January 4, 2017, you will need to ‘opt-in’ to the new Design Studio on each of your widgets within …


Localizing your Custom Design

Our new customization tool, the long awaited Design Studio about which you can read here, has arrived. It is a powerful tool that will allow you to be as artistic as you may and make your chat box and pre-chat / offline forms best suit your website.

It is a newly released tool however and as we are still …


How to: Use the Design Studio

An important note if you have a legacy custom form across any of your widgets: Updating to the Design Studio will replace your existing custom form. Before activating the Design Studio, we recommend reviewing your custom form setting so you don’t lose any important information or functionality.   

Here at SnapEngage we are incredibly excited about this new tool. You may …


Style Guide

*”These options are for legacy users only.*


In the Style tab of the Admin Dashboard, you are able to alter the appearance of your Live Chat, including language selection, chat box style, floating button selection (or choose to not have one), dynamic inline buttons, and other functionality choices as well.…