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The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the Benefits of Using SnapEngage.

When you try SnapEngage free for 7 days, we want to make sure you experience all the great features and benefits that we offer with our product.

Here are some features you don’t want to miss!


  • Bots: Check our our Guide Bot which can help guide visitors to the best suited agent, or our Answer Bot, which can conversationally provide answers to more generic questions which your visitors might have!
  • Proactive Chat: Automatically greets your visitors and invite them to chat!  You choose when to engage your visitor, for instance after a certain amount of time or upon visiting a certain page, and what message to show them.  You can even route proactive messages to specific agents!  Proactive Chat rules are as simple or complex as you want to make them – we have a vast number of advanced rules you can use to meet your needs.  Check out why we choose Proactive Chat over Site Monitoring!
  • Reserver tiers :The Reserve Tier augments the SnapEngage priority tier routing system. It enables more flexible and powerful bot strategies, particularly when using multiple chatbots. Without the Reserve Tier, it is more complicated and time-consuming to configure chatbots that are not part of the standard chat routing. The Reserve Tier makes it possible to combine many specialized chatbots in a single widget, and use them as part of proactive or multi-function bot strategies, and greatly simplifies the overall implementation.It’s also possible to add specialized human agents to the Reserve Tier (such as a team supervisor) whom you do not want to include in standard chat routing. In short: The Reserve Tier supports faster, more powerful and more intuitive chat routing configurations (for both bots and humans) to enable the automation and customization needs of complex organizations. More details here.
  • Call-Me: The Call-Me feature allows your visitors to talk directly to your agent either by phone, headset, or mic and speakers. Unlimited incoming calls are allowed and the feature is available on all plans and free of charge.


  • Integrations: With your free trial, you have access to all of our 22 different integrations such as…
    • SalesForce
    • SAP
    • Microsoft Dynamics Cloud
    • ZenDesk
    • HubSpot
    • UserVoice
    • Design Studio
    • …and many others!
    • integrations
  • Custom Mappings –  Gather information from the chat about the visitor or chat details using custom mappings for certain integrations details here
  • Shortcuts / Canned Messages: You have the ability to create Shortcuts, or canned messages, for your Chat Agents.  These save your Chat Agents time and can help you to ensure your visitors experience the company with the tone and presence that you want.
  • Design Studio: Your brand is important. It’s unique. It’s not (nor should it be) confined to a singular image, color, pattern, or name. At SnapEngage, we truly believe the user experience is a culmination of a company’s earnest, varied efforts across all touchpoints large and small – and this includes perception of your brand. We’ve now made it easier than ever to tailor the chat experience to your brand with the recent unveiling of the SnapEngage Design Studio. This exciting new release infuses our customization options with powerful new design tools to help you fully customize your brand’s chat experience.
    Design Studio (featuring an intuitive WYSIWYG editor) allows you to create fully customized chat boxes, pre-chat/offline forms, and online/offline buttons directly inside the Admin Dashboard. The result? A seamless user experience from the moment prospects and customers land on your page.
  • Guided-browsing: This is our automatic redirect feature.  You can redirect the visitor to whichever page you would like him to be on, simply by typing \goto followed by the URL!  Try setting this up in a shortcut for your most common pages.
  • Visitor Data Collection:  At the start of the chat, we collect information about your visitor that can be very helpful for your sales and support efforts.  We provide this information in a panel right in the Conversations Hub for your agents to view at any time during the chat, and it is sent over to your integration of choice:
    • The page your visitor came from
    • The page on your site where the chat was started
    • Geo-Location information: such as City, State and Country
    • Local Weather
    • Browser, Operating System, and IP address
    • Links to previous chats from the same visitor
    • Gather more javascript variables by setting them up details here.
  • Offline Button: When your chat agents pack it in for the night, we don’t abandon your site!  A “Help” button will replace your “Chat” button, allowing your visitors to leave an offline request. Set up here. Attempt to avoid offline request using this guide here.
  • Customization:  Our chat, pre-chat, and offline forms can be personalized with your logo and images, to match the look and feel of your site.  Use your creativity to create a chat box that is impressive and inviting, and meets your needs.  Design a pre-chat form with the fields you need from your visitors, and we will implement this so you can send along that crucial data to your integration!  On our Professional plans and higher, we can also remove the SnapEngage logo from your chat box.
  • Offline Button: When your chat agents pack it in for the night, we don’t abandon your site!  A “Help” button will replace your “Chat” button, allowing your visitors to leave an offline request.
  • Agent Alerts:  These internal alerts will show up for your Chat Agents in the Conversations Hub when they are engaged in a chat.  This provides information to your agents that you want to be sure they don’t miss, for instance: “Don’t forget to mention this month’s promotions”. Details here.
  • Agent Pictures:  Create a more personalized connection with your visitors by setting their agent photo.  Especially on Proactive Chats, people are happier to engage with you on chat when they know there is a real person on the other end! Details here.
  • Business Hours: You can choose to set hours of operation for chat!  Once you are outside these hours of operation, your chat button will switch automatically to the offline button, and you will receive offline messages instead of chat requests.  Your agents will thank you for making sure they get to go home at the end of the day! Details here.

Efficiency –

  • “Sneak Peek”:  allows you to see what the visitor is typing as they type.  While slightly disconcerting at first, this feature ultimately really helps your Chat Agents formulate and prepare an answer before your visitor hits “send.”  This cuts down on the dead time while waiting for your visitor’s message to come through.  You can also turn this feature off at any time details here..
  • Multiple Configurations,Teams or Departments: Use widgets to create sets of Styles, Chat Agents, Integrations, and other configurations.  Widgets can be used to set up different shortcuts, proactive messages, and integrations for your Sales and Support team, for instance.  You can also use widgets to customize the chat set up for different websites.  Your agents will still log in and chat from the one Conversations Hub, no matter how many widgets they are set up in.
  • Secure Data Transfer: This feature allows your agents to safely collect confidential information from your visitors right in the chat window. This feature keeps your business compliant with the latest data security requirements and provides peace-of-mind for your visitors.
  • Reporting & Statistics: We have a powerful analytics area where you have access to multiple reports.  You can view performance metrics like: response time, chat duration, agent availability.  As well as visitor information, such as: visitor environment details, pages visited, languages used.  You can generate reports in customizable date ranges, for sets of widgets, and you can export any of this information to a CSV file.  These Stats will also arrive in your inbox every week!
  • Team Chat: Inside Conversations Hub you will be able to reach out to any of your admins or Team mates with any questions you mat have. You can start Team chats where you invite people to those chats, and also individual chats. You can have Sales chat for the Sales Team and a Support Chat for the Support Team or a chat to fit the needs of any team or individuals in your company! Team chat is a great asset to keep all chat agents informed and up to date on a daily basis! Details here.
  • File Exchange: SnapEngage makes is easy to exchange files during a visitor chat. With just a click of a button your agents and website visitors will be able to upload and download files directly with one another without having to resort to using email or another service. Details here.
  • Secure Data Transfer: This feature allows your agents to safely collect confidential information from your visitors right in the chat window. This feature keeps your business compliant with the latest data security requirements and provides peace-of-mind for your visitors.
  • Thank you Email: After every offline request is received, we send out a Thank you email on your behalf.  You can personalize the content of this email to provide a more exceptional experience for your visitor. Customize the body of the message by emailing [email protected] with the message and for what widget. Note: we can not change the subject of the thank you email.
  • Chat Transfer:  You can transfer chats between agents and widgets with the click of a button. Details here.
  • Chat Commands :  Make sure you have the correct email address for visitors, and other useful commands.In addition to Co-browsing, there are a few other commands your agents should know how to use. You can type /help or \help at any time to see a list of available commandsTwo of the most useful commands are /email and /record which allow you to manually set a visitor’s email address, and force a transcript to be recorded, respectively.Learn more about Chat Commands.

Additional Benefits

  • Excellent Support:  Offices on two continents allow us to cover a broad time range for support. We are here to answer your questions from 9am in Berlin, Germany until 5:00pm in Boulder, Colorado (MDT)! Guides are here.
  • Web-Based Portal:  There is no need to install any software to start chatting with your visitors.  Simply sign in to our web-based Conversations Hub and start chatting from any computer!.
  • How Many?? You can add SnapEngage to as many websites as you’d like.

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Published June 2, 2014