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(Last Updated On: July 31, 2019)

Transferring a chat

To transfer a live chat to another team member, click on the Transfer button on the lower left hand side of the Conversations Hub > Conversations tab during a live chat.

and the transfer screen will display:



Which you can then select an agent whom you wish to transfer the chat to by clicking that agents name as seen above. Once the receiving agent replies to the chat, the transfer will be complete. To transfer the chat to another widget, click on the the arrow to the right of widget name you would like to send to.

If not you may also see this and can transfer to a widget by also click on the arrow next to the widgets name.





Note: It is possible that the Transfer button will not show up if the administrator has disabled the transfer option within the Admin Dashboard

Additionally, when an agent does a widget transfer of a chat, the chat is now automatically “detached” from the transferring agent. This means that the chat is instantly no longer taking up a spot with the agent that initiated a transfer capacity of ongoing chats.




When the receiving widget is maxed out, the “detach” also occurs AND the transferring agent gets a system message that “The chat is in the queue and will be transferred when an agent becomes available” (same behavior as before). They are unable to reclaim or re-transfer the chat or basically do anything else to it at all while it is in the queue being continually retried.





When you click the actions menu, it will display a Ban User option to agent. As seen here –



Which agents will then see a pop up to confirm if the agent wants to place a ban on the visitor. Note that once you ban a visitor, there is no way to remove the ban.


When you click the Bye button

you will see the following pop up to confirm if you want to end chat with the visitor along with a timer.


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Published May 18, 2012