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This article explains how to change account owners within the admin dashboard , under the My Account tab.

Yes you can! Even if you are an Enterprise client that has provided Permissions to other users, there are still certain areas of the Dashboard that only the account owner has access to make changes. That would be under the “My Account” tab, where you can configure and change your company’s information, add more security settings and of course handle the billing of your account.


Those are some sensitive pieces of information and is why it is only the account owner who has access to make changes & adjustments.

Thus, if you decide to hand over the account to another user, you can do so by changing your account’s main email in the “My Account” tab under “My info”:


Once you make the change and hit “Save Changes”, the new account owner will receive an activation email to their email address associated to their SnapEngage account. But here is a FAQ that we have to deal with pretty often:

“I have changed the email of the account owner and hit save but the change does not apply. I still appear as the account owner.”

That can, indeed can happen if you are trying to change the account owner to a user who is already set up as an agent or sub admin. Please note that, in such a case, you would first need to delete this agent from all the widgets they are configured on as a chat agent. If not, the system will not allow the change and will return an error message stating that there is already an account associated with the email you are trying to use and asking you to use another one. Our customer support needs to perform some additional checks so please send a request to [email protected] or chat with us.


Once you have deleted the agent,  and our support team has assisted you will be able to set them as the new account owner. An activation email will be sent to the new address and after the new set up is completed, the new administrator will be able to add themselves as a Chat Agent again, if required.

“But what if the account owner is not around anymore and we do not know their password?”

If you still have access to the former account owners email then you can easily reset their password here. You will then be able to log in the account and make the change.

“But what if we do not have access to their email address anymore?”

The best course of action in this case would be to send us an email to [email protected] asking us to make that change for you. It is, however, imperative that you keep the current account owner’s email address in copy. Keeping that email cc’ed in the correspondence is a precaution making sure that we do not compromise the security of your account.

Of course, you can always start a chat with us for any questions you might have.

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Published November 21, 2016