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(Last Updated On: January 20, 2021)

This is a list of cookies set by SnapEngage – all these cookies are set by JavaScript, and are functional cookies (cookies that ensure the proper functioning of SnapEngage).

  • SnapABugRef, ttl=120min, recording of origin and site entry to display to chat agent for context
  • SnapABugChatSession, ttl=16min, tracking of chat in progress
  • SnapABugNoProactiveChat, ttl=30min (but to be configurable), flag to avoid proactively prompting visitors again
  • SnapABugChatPoll, ttl=16min, tracking of the chat in progress transcript position
  • SnapABugChatMessage, ttl=16min, partial message entered by visitor persistence across page changes
  • SnapABugChatView, ttl=16min, used by the logic enforcing only 1 chat window per active chat session
  • SnapABugHistory, ttl=1year, keep track of the visitor visits and last chats to present history to agent for context
  • SnapABugVisit, ttl=0 (session only), detection of new session
  • SnapABugUserEmail, ttl=1 year, visitor email address used to pre-populate the prechat or offline form ’email’ field. This cookie may be stored in multiple ways: on use of the setUserEmail() Javascript API and then submit of the prechat or offline form, on submit of the prechat or offline form, or on agent’s use of the /email chat command.
  • SnapABugUserName [DEPRECATED], see SnapABugUserAlias which has replaced this cookie.
  • SnapABugUserAlias, ttl=1 year, visitor alias which is stored as a cookie on use of the setUserName() Javascript API. This cookie is used on future chats to send the alias to the chat agent and update the chat case. This alias also will get displayed on the chatbox (as the visitor’s name), prechat form (as the value of the ‘name’ field, if it exists), and offline form (as the value of the ‘name’ field, if it exists).
  • SnapABugBanned, ttl=30 days, recording of visitor banned for chatting (banned by agent ban command) to prevent future chats
  • SnapABugChatWindow, ttl=30min, recording of the chat box position and minimize status
  • SnapABugMinimizeStashCookie, ttl=0 (per click only), detection of new messages while minimized so they persist during navigation.
  • SnapABugAgentAvatar,ttl=16min, stores the agent image URL in order to show the agent avatar on the minimize state of the chat.
  • SnapABugApproval, ttl=1year, stores the visitor’s acceptance of the Approval Checker so that they are not prompted by it again if they have accepted it within 1 year.

The only personal information about the visitor stored in a cookie is the email address they provided. This information is scrambled (not readable in plain text)

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Published January 18, 2012