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This article goes over both methods available to ban a visitor.


There are two ways of banning visitors from chatting with you :

ban button or ban command

You can ban a visitor from chatting with any of your agents for 30 days by sending the \ban command or clicking the ban button in Conversations  HUB. (Click here for a list of useful chat commands.) This will place a cookie on the visitor’s browser.

When banning a visitor the following rules apply…

1. The chat with the visitor will stay open. You can close the chat after banning with the “Bye” button in the Web Client (or /bye ). If you do not close the chat, the visitor will still be able to send messages in that active chat.

2. The visitors will not be notified when they are banned.

3. The visitor will no longer be able to chat or receive proactive chats for 30 days.

4. The visitor can still click the help button but will only be presented with the ’email us’ button.

5. The visitor can still send emails.

Note: Since the ban is cookie based, if the visitor clears their cookies or uses another computer they will still be able to chat.

***Please bear in mind that banning someone on SMS and Facebook messenger is PERMANENT.

banip command

You can also ban an IP address permanently by entering the \banip command. (You do not need to enter the IP address just the IP ban command while you are in the chat. If the chat has finished, you can also contact us to do it for you afterwards)

Once the \banip command is entered no visitor using that IP address will be able chat, so we recommend being very cautious when using this command. If you would like to remove this restriction, come and chat to us on snapengage.com

Something to keep in mind :

  • \banip will not work if an IP is not available. An IP may not be available if you choose not to capture it , or if the visitor came via SMS or Facebook.

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Published October 8, 2012

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