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The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of how to add Grammarly Chrome Extension and Chat.

Seeing a green arrow in your chat box?

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform designed to enhance proofreading and spellcheck when writing on your Chrome browser. It can be installed as an extension in addition to the default spellcheck already used in Chrome. However, Grammarly states that they do not support chat software.

If you have noticed that upon opening a chat as a visitor, you are unable to type anything into the message field and a rotating green arrow appears, this is due to Grammarly not being fully compatible with live chat softwares.



To fix this, you will have to disengage Grammarly from your browser by selecting Chrome–Preferences–Extentions and simply unchecking the box next to the extension.

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Published May 20, 2015