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(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)

With mobile device usage constantly increasing, SnapEngage Chat has also become mobile optimized. The Mobile Browser section within the Style tab allows you to customize your mobile browser chat experience. (The Mobile Browser section is for Legacy users only. Users who signed up prior to 1/4/17)

Nevertheless, you might not want to offer chat to visitors on your website using mobile devices. That is why you have the option to not load SnapEngage on mobile browser pages.

**For Legacy users as well as Design Studio users**

To remove chat from visitors on mobile devices, you would need to wrap your SnapEngage code in a JavaScript “if” statement which should be checking if the visitor is on a mobile browser:

This is how the code block would look on your website:

How to remove Proactive Chat for visitors on mobile

If you want to just deactivate Proactive Chat for visitors on mobile devices but still allow manual chats, you will need to adjust and place elsewhere in the code the above “if” statement.

The code snippet you need to add to your SnapEngage code is:

This is how the code block would look on your website:

Please mind that the code above is using a non-existent SnapEngage account widget “xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx”. You should use your own code snippet instead.

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Published September 24, 2012

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