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The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of whether you can require an email address on proactive chats.

The SnapEngage proactive chat is a very powerful tool which allows you to target your web-visitors based on the rules that you create and we believe you have some very good reasons to use it.
Proactive chat is a direct invitation to your web-visitors to engage with you and it does not require a visitor to enter an email to be able to start the chat. The same way nobody would like to walk into a store and immediately be approached by an employee asking them to fill out a survey, we do not ask for our visitor’s email when it is us approaching them and asking them to chat with us.
However, there are still several ways to get a visitor’s email address during a Proactive Chat. Here are a few…

1. Have your agents ask for your visitor’s email address during the chat. One way of doing this is to have your agents offer to send a transcript to the visitor after the conversation so that the visitor can easily reference the conversation if they forget anything that was discussed. If the conversation was a short one so that the “reference to it” would not make much sense, your agents can suggest to your visitors that they send them some more relevant information via email.

In any case, your agents can also mention that by sending the visitor an email, the latter will get the agent’s contact information so that they can easily contact them for any additional information.


 2. Have a proactive message that includes a request for a visitor’s email. For example: “Welcome to our website! Please enter your email address below and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.” While this does not actually require an email address many visitors will enter their email address.


If you have any suggestions of your own for how to get your visitor’s email address in a Proactive Chat, please chat us now!

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Published September 21, 2012

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