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The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of personnel security.

SnapEngage is dependent on the support it receives from its staff. Personnel must access, process, and store sensitive data for SnapEngage to accomplish its operating objectives. While we recognize that our staff is the greatest resource in maintaining an effective level of security, we also know that human threats represent one of the most significant hazards to a safe and secure delivery of services. No security program can be effective without maintaining employee awareness and motivation. 

To mitigate hazards, SnapEngage enforces safeguards which address hiring and termination procedures, granting authorized access to company systems and data and naturally provisions for training. 

Hiring Practices

Each new employee granted access to client information and other classified SnapEngage data needs to undergo a background check. Any past activity that would undermine security due to the employee’s past behavior would cause the termination of the employment relationship with SnapEngage. All existing staff has undergone the background check.

In addition, everyone in SnapEngage executes a confidentiality agreement to protect all SnapEngage’s sensitive and confidential information.

If SnapEngage needs to work with contractors or employ some temporary staff, they are held to the same standards as above.


Training is an important part of ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability for ours and our clients’ information. In order to minimize possible security risks, all company staff is trained in their specific responsibilities. This training includes the identification, protection and the guidelines for the use of sensitive information as well as the effective use of SnapEngage systems and applications.

All new employees receive a security training as a part of their orientation and further to that, all employees receive an annual security training which includes a review of our procedures, Security Policies and any relevant technology changes.. That way it is ensured that the staff is up to date with the established policies, procedures and guidelines.

Data access

Physical access to facilities, systems, networks, and data hosted on behalf of SnapEngage is limited to those members of staff who require access to perform assigned duties. Monitoring controls are also deployed to identify possible unauthorized access to systems, networks, and data.

Employee termination

Employee termination results in immediate termination of all facility and system access rights. If required, any system passwords known by the employee is immediately changed.

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Published October 28, 2016