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(Last Updated On: August 4, 2021)

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The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of how to populate additional custom tags from agent links from SnapEngage.

It is possible to populate multiple tags from SnapEngage using the custom mapper. This will unfortunately override our default mapping, but it is possible to recreate it using the field ‘set-tags’.

To do this, you need to use the data source ‘Text’ and separate each tag by a space, then you can use the following special handler that will be replaced by the actual value from the request:

{browser} = Browser
{browser_short} = Browser abreviated
{os} = Operating system
{os_short} = OS abreviated
{email} = Requester email
{url} = Website address
{agent} = User agent
{ip} = IP address
{languages} = Languages
{geo} = Full geolocation
{geoCity} = City
{geoRegion} = State
{geoCountry} = Country
{geoCountryCode} = Country Code
{geoLatitude} = Latitude
{geoLongitude} = Longitude
{plugins} = Plugins
{java} = Java version
{description} = Description
{chatDuration} = Time from the beginning and end of the chat
{chatWaitTime} = Time between the chat start and the first response of the agent
{chatTranscript} = Transcript of the chat (or empty)
{sourceType} = Either Message or Live_chat

If you are looking to make a custom variable a clickable URL you can do this in the Options tab of your Admin Dashboard for the Agent Link. We accept JS variables as part of the URL. With this it gives the agent information about the customer (based on the ID) directly in the Web Client or even with a shopping cart ID is in the JS variable then the agent can directly see the content of the cart in the Web Client.

We can use JS variables in agent links. The syntax is simply {js:variable_name}

For example, the format would be {js:varname} You would configure an agent link with: http://www.domain.com/{js:ID} (assuming your JS variable is called ID)

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Published January 18, 2012