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Like other applications and websites, you can configure your device to also automatically start the Chat Portal.

Although chatting is fun and it easily becomes a habit to start and log in your Chat Portal, having it start automatically will make sure that you do not forget to become available for your web-visitors who will be looking to chat with …

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You can integrate the SnapEngage chat portal to receive and answer chats inside the Desk dashboard.

To do this you can re-purpose the Phone Channel integration, available with the Desk Pro plan, following the steps below:

In the admin dashboard, click on the gear icon to go to the site settings and activate Phone Integrations: 



Go to Channels

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Taking chats on the mobile app will be a breeze once you follow these few steps.

  • New to SnapEngage? Follow the steps in Part 1 below to set up user for the chat portal
  • Already have your agents configured? Skip down to part 2 to download and install the mobile application

Part 1 – Setup Agents as Chat Portal Agents

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SMS Live Chat allows your visitors to reach you by sending a text message from any mobile device. Those SMS messages will then appear in the chat portal for your agents to reply, sending an SMS right back to your visitor’s handheld device.

Sounds awesome? Well, let’s show you how to get this activated!

**Currently only available for US and

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The Agent Survey feature allows your website visitors to provide feedback at the end of each chat. That feedback is then made available to agents via the Chat Portal and to admins via the Survey report in the Agent Performance analytics.

Troubleshooting Tip: If you have enabled this feature inside your Admin Dashboard, yet your visitors aren’t seeing the

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