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By default the SnapEngage Salesforce Integration adds relevant information from Chats and Offline messages automatically to the Description field for Contacts, Leads, Cases, and Accounts. To change this behavior and ensure no Description is set from the Integration, a special mapping {none} is used. See the following examples for details:

Contact none mapping

Lead none mapping

Case none mapping

Account none mapping

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Although it will not happen often, it is possible that you will receive a new chat despite having set your status to “paused”. That does not mean that your chat portal is broken or that you are not really paused.

You may, indeed, receive a proactive chat soon after you have paused yourself in the chat portal.

Imagine yourself …

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We’d love for you to stay with us, but in case you need to leave, the cancellation process is quick and easy:

Step 1: In the Admin Dashboard, click “My Account”


Step 2: Go to “Billing” and click “Cancel subscription”

cancel2Step 3: Are you sure you’re ready to cancel?

We also offer the option to downgrade but if you prefer …

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SMS-to-Chat allows your visitors to reach you by sending a text message from any mobile device. Those SMS messages will then appear in the chat portal for your agents to reply, sending an SMS right back to your visitor’s handheld device.

Sound awesome? Well, let’s show you how to get this activated!

**Currently only available for US and Canada 


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Seeing a green arrow in your chat box?

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform designed to enhance proofreading and spellcheck when writing on your Chrome browser. It can be installed as an extension in addition to the default spellcheck already used in Chrome. However, Grammarly states that they do not support chat software.

If you have noticed that upon opening …

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