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The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of how to use Routing by tag for proactive chats.

Routing by tag is a very powerful feature. Below is how to configure it for Proactive chats. You do not need to enable the routing by tag option under the Chat Assignment menu to do this. 

 Step 1. Assign Tags to Agents

To assign tags to your agents, you go to Settings -> Agent Settings -> Chat Agents. Click on the “Edit” button to the right of the agent you would like to configure and a box will pop up where you can configure settings for this agent. At the bottom of the form, you will see the “Agent Tags:” field (1.1):

Within this field you can enter new tags or select from existing ones. To add a new tag, just type in the word you want to use as a tag and hit enter (1.2) (eg. “anothertag” below). Once the agent has been configured with the appropriate tags click on the “Save” button (1.3). At this point the chat assignment will behave just as it did before having enabled the feature in step 1.

**Please note that just like different agents can be configured with different tags, some agents might not be assigned any tags at all.**


 Step 2. Configure the Rule to Route

All the tags that you have configured for your agents are available in the “Advanced Settings” section of each one of your proactive chat rules. To get there, you need to edit the respective proactive chat rule and then click on “Enable special assignment settings” (2.1):


For example, if in step #1 you had configured an agent with a “german” tag, that same “german” (2.2) tag is now shown in the tag drop-down of the Advanced Settings:

Now that the tag is in place for this proactive rule, these proactive chats will be assigned to agents with the matching tag. If you have assigned multiple tags to a proactive rule, the chat will be assigned to the agent with the most matching tags (assigned by match count). If there are multiple agents available with the same number of matching tags then the chat will be assigned to the least busy or randomly to one of them if they are all equally busy handling chats. You can read a few separate scenarios here.

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Published July 19, 2018