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This article explains the pre chat lead information capture template.

Guide Bot Template: Pre-chat Lead Information Capture

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This is a general-purpose or sales-focused chatbot that captures key visitor information prior to chat. This could be used to capture key lead qualification information (Name, Email).


  • Capture key visitor information before a human chat starts
  • Ensure that visitors are “serious” and willing to provide basic information before starting a chat
  • People are often reluctant to fill out a form, but will answer the same questions in bot form
  • Automatically categorize the chat based on visitor inputs (using labels)

This chatbot is a good way to gather required information (email, account ID, etc) prior to a human chat. This is particularly useful for sales/marketing qualification when obtaining an email address is critical.

Also, if you use an integration (CRM, Helpdesk, Email), the information captured here can be used to support automated workflows post-chat. (See using labels for more information).

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Published December 17, 2020